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Best 5 Amazing WhatsApp Tips and Tricks of 2023



There are a lot of messaging services out there now, but WhatsApp has a lot of features and is used by a lot of people. The app is owned by Facebook, which is pretty amazing, and claims to have more than two billion users worldwide.

So, here are some tips you might not know about and some basic tips for people who are just starting out with WhatsApp.

A few general tips and tricks for WhatsApp:
Send a person your location:

Follow these steps to let a contact in WhatsApp know where you are:

  • Start a chat with the person you want to know where you are.
  • Tap the picture icon (paperclip).
  • Choose “Place.”
  • If you choose “Send Your Location,” you can either put a pin on a map to show where you are or use your current location.
  • Tap “Send” to share the location with the contact once you are happy with it.

Keep in mind that if you choose “Share Live Location,” the other person will be able to see your location in real time, and if you choose “Send Your Location,” they will be able to see the location you shared, depending on the privacy settings you choose.

The most sneaky tip is to save your chats:

The best way to keep your chats private is to regularly archive them. When you archive a chat, it doesn’t get deleted forever, but it does get hidden from your main window, making it harder for someone to see at a glance.

On iOS, swipe left on a chat window and then tap Archive to save the conversation.
On Android, you can archive a chat by long-pressing it and then tapping the folder.

Use single spacing in your Messages:

Monospacing is a common way to draw attention to a text through formatting. This will put more space between the characters, which will change how they are formatted overall.

To use these WhatsApp text tricks, you must type three backticks (“‘) before and after the string you want to make monospace. Here, you can see that I put the word “monospace” between three backticks to change how it looks.

How do you find out on WhatsApp who has blocked you?

It’s very easy. You just need to create a group with that person. If they’re not in the group’s members after that, it’s clear that they’ve blocked you.

Note: WhatsApp now lets people stop other people from adding them to groups, which could also be why you don’t see the other person in that group.

Using WhatsApp on more than one device:

In 2022, one of the coolest things that WhatsApp got was the ability to be used on other devices. The best part is that you can use WhatsApp on your computer even if you don’t have access to your phone. In fact, you can use WhatsApp even if your phone isn’t online. Yes, it’s the improved version of WhatsApp Web, which the app now calls “Linked Devices.” Both Android and iPhone users can now use the feature.

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