Biography of Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is a famous Bollywood actor

Biography of Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is a famous Bollywood actor. He became famous due to his own hard work. He was born on 9, September 1967 in Amritsar. His real name is Rajiv Bhatia. In his childhood, he spent most of his time in Delhi. Then he comes to Mumbai. He got his early education in the Mumbai Govt school. Then he got admission to college. he was not good at his studies. he is an expert in Black belt. Bollywood’s famous player Kumar. Akshay Kumar is now 49 years old. Akshay Kumar is one such name in Bollywood. Which has even left behind the Khan trio at the box office. In the beginning, Akshay Kumar had no connection with acting at all. Akshay Kumar wanted to join the army but destiny was taking him somewhere else. Akshay Kumar is very interested in sports. That’s why he went to Bangkok and got trained in martial arts. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar also worked as a waiter and a chef in a hotel too.
He also stayed in Bangladesh to make ends meet. He even worked in Kolkata. After that, he also came to Mumbai to do business in jewelry from Bangkok. But nothing was working out. Akshay Kumar was going through a lot of struggles. And after that, he left everything and decided to be a martial arts trainer in Mumbai. He started teaching martial arts to children. Akshay Kumar looked smart so at the advice of one of his students, he started modeling.Biography of Akshay Kumar

He also became an assistant to a famous photographer. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar met actor Govinda. Govinda saw Akshay Kumar and guessed that he can be a wonderful actor. Govinda asked Akshay to work in films. After this Akshay Kumar started to visit offices of filmmakers to ask for work along with his job. Akshay Kumar’s efforts paid off and he got a break in Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Aaj’.Akshay Kumar also changed his name in this film. As earlier, his name was Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. After a few years of struggle Abbas Mantan’s ‘Khiladi’ made Akshay Kumar a successful actor. But meanwhile, Akshay Kumar had several love affairs. There was a lot of gossip about him. From Pooja Batra to Twinkle Khanna. Akshay Kumar was linked to everyone. But now Akshay Kumar is now one star in Hindi cinema Who only has faith in his own work. He achieves his goal through hard work. He has a brother, Rahul Khanna. Both are members of the Willingdon Sports Club. His father Vinod Khanna was a superstar and then he became an ascetic. When Vinod Khanna turned into an ascetic the world troubled his family a lot. Some people used to say to Rahul and Akshaye that your father has run away with his teacher. After returning from the Osho Commune there was upheaval in Vinod Khanna’s family. After several years Vinod Khanna remarried. Meanwhile, Akshaye Khanna learned acting from the Kishore Namit Acting Institute.  His father launched him in 1997 with ‘Himalay Putra‘.Anu Malik composed the music for this film. The film did okay at the box office. But the world came to know that a new hero has come who can become a star and that is Akshaye Khanna. Film ‘Border’ was released in 1997. Here Akshaye Khanna performed so well that everyone agreed that he is an actor. Because of this film by J P Dutta. He also got nominated for the Filmfare Best Supporting. But after that, the films couldn’t perform as well at the box office as was expected. In 1999 he was seen in Rishi Kapoor’s directorial venture ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalein’. His acting was praised a lot and then he was seen in Subhash Ghai’s ‘Taal’ with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This film did wonders. Both the music and the romantic story of this film hit. This was a good time for Akshaye Khanna. Because in 2001 a film came which featured both big established names and new names. That film was ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. He starred along with Aamir Khan. And he performed very well. ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was Farhan Akhtar’s first film. This film did wonders for Akshaye Khanna and Saif Ali Khan’s careers. Then he was seen in ‘Humraaz’. Even his negative roles were praised a lot. After that suddenly he was seen doing comedy. Like ‘Hungama’ and ‘Hulchul’. Akshaye Khanna was doing a film every year. Then he did a film which amazed everyone. This film was ‘Gandhi My Father. Here he played Mahatma Gandhi’s son. Akshaye Khanna was performing well but the box office was not often kind to him. And for some time Akshaye Khanna got estranged from films.  And after nearly 5 years he was seen again in the film ‘Dishoom’. Love came and went in his life. Some even said that Akshaye Khanna has disappeared now. But whenever this rumor got spread Akshaye Khanna was seen in some film or the other.


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