Catch me if you Can Hollywood Movie

complete story of Catch me If you can

Catch me if you Can Hollywood Movie

A film in the genre of biographies drama crime this film stars Leonardo  DiCaprio as the main character and also Tom Hanks. It was  released in December 2002 in the united states and tells the story of an imposter who disguises
himself as a con artist doctor and lawyer who has managed to cheat approximately 2 million. The story begins at an awards ceremony in new york in 1963. it is 16-year-old frank jr played by  Leonardo DiCaprio and this is his father we’ll call frank senior and this is his mother whose name is Paula. This family is like a very happy affluent and harmonious family they’re enjoying the heyday that frank singer gave them but this family is not always at the top the wheel keeps turning. Once upon a time, his father had a problem his business did not run smoothly as it should he needed to be borrowed money to help his business. But the bank refused because he had a tax evasion case banks do not want to take the risk of it. Inevitably his father had to move into a smaller apartment and sell his car to cover the debt but his father was very authoritative. He spoke to frank jr that things would be fine nothing bad will happen and he will fix things as soon as possible then he gave 50 checks to his son.  A total of 20 just in case it will be needed the next day was frank’s first day of the new school. On his first day, he also experienced bullying from his school students because she was a new student and no one knew her she pretended to be a temporary substitute teacher to teach the class. All the students were silent and of course, responded to the treatment of the child who bullied him and read a foreign language in front of the class. One class was deceived by the actions his parents had to go to the principal and tell him that his son was pretending to be a teacher in class. This behavior is unacceptable to the principal his mother was disappointed to hear that but his father who heard it just laughed the story continues frank jr comes home. Frank accidentally catches his mother with his father’s friend who works as a lawyer frank who saw the incident also felt pretentious over the treatment of his mother. Frank looks cheerful and happy to be very disappointed with the treatment of his mother. One different day frank came home from school then frank found a men’s suit that didn’t belong to his father. He shouted to stay away from his mother and not to disturb his family
but frank’s guess is wrong, It turns out he is a lawyer who takes care of his parent’s divorce. Frank who knew his parents were going to divorce was disappointed he ran as fast as he could out of the house, and dan goes to the train station and goes to grand central using his father’s check. While staying at the hotel frank was kicked out by the hotel guard because the check given by his father ran out and he couldn’t pay for the hotel. Either he immediately thought of forging a check and tried to cash it at the bank when he tried to cash a check at the bank teller refused
and tried a trick his father had taught him but the bank also refused. He also tried several different banks but the bank did not want to take the risk to cash the check. Frank thought that given the way he looked he couldn’t cash the check then frank thought about dressing like a pilot in the 90s the pilot profession was everyone’s dream profession and people will feel amazed to see a pilot without thinking frank was looking for all information
about the pilot. Because in the 90s there was no cell phone on google to find the information he disguised himself as a journalist from a high school to write a school newspaper article. Frank also asked the experts directly and dig up all the information about the pilot. This information will serve to strengthen him to  become a fake pilot after getting the information. He needed he immediately ordered a pilot outfit only with a uniform everyone was amazed by him. He managed to find fake checks in many banks frank phn is getting more and more excited bout making more fake checks and defrauded many banks for a total loss of 1.3 million dollars. With more success now he invited his father to lunch at a fancy and expensive restaurant and gave some money and a luxury car to his father. However his father refused and continued to stand by his stance regarding his business which was currently experiencing bankruptcy not a day goes by without cashing his fake check. In order to make his check sheet more perfect, he also bought a bank check code-breaking machine from an auction frank’s actions began to be known by an FBI agent. This agent named Carl Hanratty FBI agent in charge of check fraud cases went to a hotel with a forgery case by any chance frank was there frank went straight into the hotel room. Frank also casually confronts carl pretending to be a lept agent carl didn’t believe it right away then frank also gave his wallet as evidence but when he had trouble carrying the wallet Frank turned his attention. He said that the fraudster had been caught by his partner frank then said not only FBI agents looking for him left agents are also involved in this big case. Frank left with his machine tool with an alibi as evidence carl immediately believed it when Frank had left carl. He was curious about the contents of his wallet and immediately opened its contents. There was just a pile of trash in his wallet and it turns out that carl was deceived. This can happen because all FBI agents do not know the face of the perpetrator beforehand because
there is no information sketch of his face only the physical characteristics news of fraud under the guise of a telephone also spread in the united states. On the news as an air criminal pretending to be a pan-am pilot to fly free anywhere in fact he was nicknamed the James bond of the heir. Frank who read the news immediately ended his deception as a pilot on Christmas day frank called carl the FBI agent to apologize for his previous scam frank thought of apologizing to carl the whole case would be cleared of course not the law would still work even if frank apologized. He said sooner or later he was going to catch Frank and will get the harshest punishment Frank hung up the phone loudly it doesn’t stop there frank’s deception continues at the hospital. he met a nun named Brenda to ask if there is work at the hospital frank also wanted to apply for a job and claim to be a doctor then frank applied for a job as a doctor at the hospital. unmitigated he falsified all doctorate certificates and certificates graduating from Harvard university as the best graduate the hospital was confused. Why do the best graduates want to work in the hospital he was also placed as the head of the emergency unit supervisor  supervising six interns and 20 nurses frank also succeeded in becoming a fake doctor.

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