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WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

Cool Whatsapp Tricks and Hidden Features 2023



Messages sent through WhatsApp can be given a unique look by modifying the font, appearance, and text in a number of different ways. Italics, bold, strikethrough, and monospace are just some of the text formatting options you have at your disposal for sprucing up your important announcements, holiday greetings, etc. To sum up, here are the most useful WhatsApp typing tips you can start using right away.


Naturally, you can emphasise what you write. To do this, simply put a star (*) before and after your text. There must be no blank space before or after the *.


Just like bolding text, italicising it is as easy as placing the Underscore Symbol (_text_) at the start and end of a sentence.


The WhatsApp community uses strikethrough primarily for making puns, but it’s also a useful tool for editing text and is frequently seen in editorials, brainstorming sessions, and how-to guides. To create a strikethrough effect, use the Tilde Symbol (text) at the beginning and end of your text.


Because of the monospace font stylization, WhatsApp now allows you to write content that is fixed in width. These writing styles are useful when exchanging technical formulas or lines of code via WhatsApp. That way, unique material can be easily distinguished from common material. To add it to the beginning and end of your sentence, use three backticks (“‘text”‘) with no space in between.

5 Stop all recipients from being read; Cool Whatsapp Tricks and Hidden Features 2023

Cool Whatsapp Tricks and Hidden Features 2023

The Blue Tick feature was implemented by WhatsApp to indicate when a user’s message had been successfully delivered and read. Unfortunately, it has also caused tension in families and workplace issues when people ignore a Blue Tick. You can now keep your cool by blocking the recipient from reading your  messages thanks to Text  Click the ‘Read Recipients’ toggle under ‘Settings’ > ‘Account’ > ‘Privacy’ to enable this feature.

Because of this, no one will be able to see your blue ticks, and you won’t be able to see theirs on your contacts’ profiles.  Two black ticks will be visible to the sender regardless of whether or not you read the message.

Connections that Give Pins Preference:

Oftentimes, only one person or a small group of people receives our most crucial texts. Don’t let a swarm of messages bury the ones you need to respond to. The WhatsApp app allows you to “pin” important contacts by tapping and holding the chat thread of that contact without actually opening the conversation. Doing so brings up a new toolbar along the top green border of the window. By clicking on the pin’s first icon, the conversation can be pinned to the top of the list.

Seventh, Save your conversations:

If you want to save your conversation with a special someone, you can email the entire thread to yourself or to another person, or save it to Google Drive. If you want to export your chats, you can do so by opening the chat window, clicking the three dots icon, selecting >>More, and finally selecting >> Chat export. This will allow you to export your chat history to a variety of destinations, giving you more flexibility.

Tips for Formatting Fonts in Whatsapp:

Despite the fact that the shortcuts for bold, italics, and other text formatting features have already been mentioned, there is still a way to format your texts if you forget the shortcuts: use the Native Settings Strip. Tap and hold the text you want to format after you’re done typing to bring up a menu of formatting options. To select a different style, just scroll down the list.

9. Every WhatsApp Font Trick Can Be Used In A Single Word Or Sentence:Cool Whatsapp Tricks and Hidden Features 2023

In many situations, a single word is all that is needed to change the outcome. Strikethrough, bold, italic, and monospace can all be used at the same time. Apply the default settings or shortcuts one at a time, and presto!

10. Forwarding Message Threads That Consist Only of Text:

If you’re in the middle of composing a WhatsApp message and realise you need to consult a colleague about some text before sending it, but you don’t want to copy and paste it or take a screenshot, you can simply share the text with them.

At the opening, select the options menu by clicking the three dots to convert the strip to a panel. What you’re seeking is in the panel. One of WhatsApp’s best features is its compatibility with other messaging platforms.


Cool Whatsapp Tricks and Hidden Features 2023

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