Doctor Strange In the Multiverse Of Madness (2022)

Complete Story Of Doctor Strange In the Multiverse Of Madness (2022)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

The movie story starts from another dimension where ”Dr. Strange” and ”America Chavez” are shown.

They were escaping from a huge creature. ”Dr. Strange” was using his different powers to defeat this creature. The creature was giant due to it, he couldn’t compete with it.The creature was attacking ”America Chavez” repeatedly, there was the only way to defeat it and it was in the book named ”The book of Vishanti”

that book has all kinds of magic and with it, the huge enemies can be defeated. They also believe the one who will have this book can defeat his huge enemy no matter how powerful that will be but the creature was dominant over them. ”Dr. Strange” puts all his efforts to defeat the creature. He surrounds it in a circle through his magic but it was so powerful that it breaks the circle. Now he has no other way except for taking the powers of ”American Chavez” because she has the powers to travel into different universes through different portals.

Or we can call it to travel multiverse. This small girl has this power and if a huge enemy got this power then what will happen? So he thinks to take this power from her and end ”America Chavez” but she says you can’t do this because you always save others’ life. Meanwhile, a huge tentacle of the creature stabs them. It holds ”Chavez” and she gets scared because of this another dimension opens.

”Dr. Strange” cuts its hand so it can’t end ”Chavez”. He takes all of its attack upon him to save ”America Chavez” due to it, ”Dr. Strange” dies there. Here the dream breaks of ”Dr. Strange” after awakening from his dream ”Dr. Strange” who was the protector of the earth 616, today was a big day for him because today was his friend’s marriage and he reaches there.

He wishes to be at the place of the person with whom his friend is marrying. Meanwhile, an accident is shown and the cars outside were out of control. ”Dr. Strange” comes out and sees that an invisible power was destroying everything. When he makes the things visible with the power of his third eye it turns to be a huge creature. It was difficult to fight with that huge creature octopus. Some spells are also shown at the tentacle of that creature. Then ”Wong” reaches there to help ”Dr. Strange” and compete with the creature while using his string power.

They together end the creature and they have to save ”America Chavez” and also have to defeat this octopus creature. Then ”Dr. Strange” takes out that octopus’s eye with a huge rod. After it, he sees ”America Chavez” and asks her do I know you?

After thinking a lot he remembers that he has seen this girl in his dream. ”America Chavez” says that wasn’t a dream but reality. She tells a human like us lives in each universe that is our clone. The person whom you saw in your dream was your clone. “Dr. Strange” asks how I can agree with him. Could you please provide proof? ”America Chavez” takes him to the place where the dead body of another dimension’s ”Dr. Strange” was. He feels bad after seeing this and discovers that she has the power to travel into multiple universe. The creature that came to take her powers was actually sent by someone. None knows who is behind all this. The boss behind this is still alive. If we have to defeat him we have to take help from a person having the powers of spells and who knows about the multi-universe.

Later, after burying the “Dr. Strange,” he seeks assistance from “Wanda Maximoff. ”Wanda” has her separate world as she has harmed many people and later, she wants to spend her life in a separate world. ”Dr. Strange” says to ”Wanda” I am in a huge problem and a huge magician can solve this problem. A huge magician is standing in front of me and then ”Wanda” says where is ”America Chavez” at this time?

Suddenly, he remembers he didn’t say her name yet then it reveals that there was none other than ”Wanda Maximoff” behind all this. Now she has become ”Scarlet Witch”. Meanwhile, the place where ”Wanda” and Dr. Strange” were changed into a red place with greenery. Then he leaves after meeting ”Wanda” and tells ”America Chavez” and ”Wong” that ”Wanda” is changed and her powers are changed. ”Wong” asks the reason behind this.

Why ”Wanda” has changed herself into a witch?

He tells them ”Wanda” likes her previous life and now she wants her kids in her this life. She doesn’t have kids in this universe and the kids exist in the other universes. ”Wanda” doesn’t have the power to go to the universe. That’s why she wants to make ”America Chavez” her prey but we will not let this happen and will save ”America Chavez”. They built a massive cover above the centorium. ”Scarlet” comes and attacks them but finds herself weak seeing so many people.

She has the powers of mind manipulating and she manipulates a man’s mind. The man runs from there while breaking the protection gradually. Getting a chance from it, the ”Scarlet Witch” defeats them while using her powers. The New York Centorium was also left out. There were many people from ”Hong Kong” as well. So they can help ”Wong”.Doctor Strange In the Multiverse Of Madness (2022)

None can compete with the ”Scarlet Witch” and she even ends IMF of ”Dr. Strange” then she reaches to end ”America Chavez”. Before she could end her ”America Chavez” gets scared and another portal opens because of this. ”Dr. Strange” was also with her and they reach the universe while passing by multiverse there was greenery and ”Dr. Strange” says I have to go back to my earth. As ”Wong” can’t alone defeat the ”Scarlet Witch”.

”Chavez” tells him I have traveled almost all universes and the easier way is to eat something first. When they take something to eat the man demands money. ”Dr. Strange” trapped him into the magic in which the man slaps himself. Suddenly, ”Dr. Strange” remembers that if ”Dr. Strange” has the power to reach the ”Book of Vishanti” so ”Dr. Strange” of this universe must have this. Now he tries to find out ”Dr. Strange” of this universe later, he discovers that ”Dr. Strange” of this universe is dead. Now the protector of centorium was ”Mordo” and ”Dr. Strange” thinks he was his enemy in the previous world and even now he is my enemy. This time, he was his friend and asks him how can I help you?

He tells him ”Scarlet witch” is behind us who want to take the powers of ”America Chavez” with which she will travel to the different universes, She will find her kids in that universe. Likewise, she will take her kids again to the earth 616 but ”Mordo” was their enemy the tea which he gave to ”Dr. Strange” that makes him faint. Later, he was presented to ”Illuminati” which was a secret society group consisting of five members. In which there was ”Captain Marvel” ,” Reed Richards” from fantastic four, and ”Black Bolt” and ”Marvel” is at the last and they say the real problem is you yourself means ”Dr. Strange”

Then he asks everyone how I can be your problem? They tell you have the ”Drakhold” and it was the book from which ”Scarlet witch” got power. This was the earth 838 where everyone was considering ”Dr. Strange” evil. ”Scarlet Witch” was performing magic in earth 616 with which she can send her soul to the other universe. No matter where our body is but we can send our soul to the universe where we exist. Our souls will do the same as we will do. ”Wanda Maximoff” wants to reach her kids through this magic in the universe where her kids are. She wants to spend life there with her kids but the problem was there will be another ”Wanda” in that dimension. What will happen to that ”Wanda” so he tries to end ”Scarlet Witch” here.

Then a warrior of ”Wanda” attacks her and destroys the ”Darkhold” book. ”Wanda” becomes furious seeing this and she throws her powers at her own warrior. She burns with her powers. ”Wanda’s” next prey was ”Wong” but now her ”Dark hold” book was destroyed. Due to it, her magic was remained left and she couldn’t contact the ”Wanda” of another dimension.

She asks ”Wong” to tell her the spells of ”Dark hold” because he knows it very well. ”Wong” says I don’t know much about those spells but there is a mountain on which those spells were written and later, they were written on the ”Dark hold”. ”Wanda” was torturing ”Wong’s” companions there. ”Wong” opens another portal and takes ”Wanda” there. The magicians can move forward with one power and they also don’t have the power to move forward. Now ”Wanda” uses her powers and reaches the mountain. There were spells of ”Dark Hold” and ”Wanda” connects to the 838 earth. So she will reach ”America Chavez” to end her and will take her powers. So she will be able to travel into the multiverse and none can defeat ”Wanda” not even captain ”Marvel” and Black bolt

when ”Charles Xavier” was controlling her mind ”Wanda” ends him with her powers. To protect ”Charles Xavier” in this universe. ”Christine Palmer” was also included. ”Wanda” reaches there and the actual ”Dr. Strange” arrives there to help them. They try to find out ”Book of vishanti” while distracting her but ”Wanda” reaches them while breaking each door. Then she takes ”Chavez” to a mountain while using her powers. She sends ”Dr. Strange” and ”Christine” to another dimension. The situation was now out of control because now ”Wanda” will have powers but then ”Dr. Strange” remembers there is their clone in each universe.

Now he tries to meet his clone in this universe.

When he goes to meet him he discovers this universe is over and only ”Strange” is left. Now the ”Dr. Strange” has evil powers as he has used ”Drakhold” now there is a fight between them and they attack each other through musical notes. After trying hard, ”Dr. Strange” wins from evil Strange. Then while using the powers of this evil Strange who was from the earth 838, sends his soul to earth 616 where was the defender ”Strange”. Then he goes to the mountain but it was difficult to stop this magic while going there. Meanwhile, some black powers attack ”Dr. Strange” and the powers were trying to end him.

Here, ”Christine” encourages him and says you can face all troubles. Later, he absorbs all the balck powers and reach there while making huge wings from them. Reaching there, he fights with ”Wanda” and it was a heavy fight. ”Wanda” is shown dominant on ”Dr. Strange” then ”America Chavez” remembers if she has to defeat ”Wanda” she has to use her mind instead of power.

She opens a portal with her power and sends her to the universe where the another ”Wanda” was. She was speding her life happily with her kids. When evil ”Wanda” arrives the kids get scared and they don’t like this getup of their mother. The kids were saying we haven’t done anything so don’t end us.

”Scarlet” says you are my kids why I will harm you?

The kids were frightened of her for whom ”Wanda” has become ”Scarlet Witch” now she has lost her courage when she doesn’t get her kids. Later, she leaves her kids to that universe’s ”Wanda” with a heavy heart. She decides now it will be better for her to be ended then she ends the ”Dark hold” powers from universes on this earth with her powers.

Later, she ends herself.

”Mordo’s” niece comes to ”Dr. Strange” and it is shown in the post-credit scenes.

She says you have opened the other portal and ”Dr. Strange” is shown as evil strange. The man is shown in another scene who was slapping himself because of ”Dr. Strange’s” magic now he stops beating himself.

”Dr. Strange” has lost his powers and this movie ends with this suspense.


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