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Dune full Hollywood Movie 2021

This movie like dune part 1 in 2021 is trying to be much more accurate to the books than previous iterations the dune mini-series from the early 2000s also did try to be very accurate to the books. This is why it was
much longer and that’s also the reason why they decided to break the story of the first book into two different movies. Why do they say dune part 1 at the beginning of this film one of the first big changes one of the first big easter eggs and references are at the beginning of the movie. Instead of doing the thing that the last couple of movies the miniseries have done opening with the narration from the books they opted instead to open with the Sardar speaking about dreams. The special type of throat speaking was a sarkar speaking the message dreams are messages from the deep the way. They use that phrase it means two different things dreams are paul’s visions and the deep as in the deep desert the worms the spice is just foreshadowing what’s going to be happening during part one him getting visions but it’s also about paul’s ability to see the future and also remember everything from the past. Through genetic memory as part of his powers so not only can he see potential futures he can also remember everything that’s ever happened so when the sarkar is saying dreams or messages from the deep. He’s talking about deep as in the deep past like the distant past he’s getting messages. In the past the phrase dreams are messages from the deep is meant to be a metaphor for the entire dune series not just for what’s happening in this first movie the idea that paul’s going to be influenced by the past and it will affect the way that he uses his powers to lead humanity to this better future that reverend mother. Mohammed talked about so dreams as messages from the deep are kind of meant to be a warning and a prophecy at the same time for the entire dune series like in future movies. Hopefully, they wind up making them children of the dune god emperor of dune messages from the deep take a more sinister connotation with other characters too. So that’s why I say it’s a metaphor for the entire series not just for the stuff that’s happening in dune part 1. If you’re a long-time fan of the book series you probably noticed a lot of the production design language tried to be much more accurate to the original concept art. Han Zimmer did the music and the soundtrack was amazing but the way they use different sounds like the sound design of the movie. The way they use that to tell the story is also incredible the way they end things here is they end just as paul is getting ready to join the fremen and start to learn more of their customs become one of them and then help train them to become the most fearsome fighting force in the universe teaching them. The Bene Gesserit fighting
ways that he knows as well as teaching them the secret house Atreides fighting methods that make them. So fearsome to the other forces like the Harkonnen like they talk about the Atreides being one of the most fearsome fighting forces in the universe but then the sarduakar are like hold my beer the idea being that when paul trains them in the Bene Gesserit fighting techniques. The house of tradie fighting techniques makes the fremen even better fighters than the sarduakar but as you can see during some of the big fights. They have towards the end of the film once the sarkar legions roll in even without the extra fight training the freshmen are still very fearsome
and able to kill most of the sarkar. But not all of them there’s also a really cool parallel between the sorted car and the Freman 2 because the Sardakar are also a pseudo-religious army of zealots training in a similarly harsh environment of salsa secundus even though we only visit there briefly during the movie, they want to show you that it’s an incredibly harsh climate. But in stark contrast to the desert, it’s raining all the time but seleucid Secundus is basically the emperor’s prison planet all these sardocar that you see strung up. They’re trained like this starting around the age I think of like six or seven and most of the people that enter training wind up dying before the age of 11 or 12. Their training is so hardcore that the ones that do survive to adulthood like these legions here are the most fearsome fighters in the universe. At least until paul winds up training the Fremen even more I feel like this movie did a much better job of hyping that up and getting that idea across than the original dune movie or even the mini-series but what happens at the end here is that Jessica is able to one-up stellar and even though he’s ready to give them sanctuary within their siege. James calls Jessica out and paul has to fight for her as her champion the knife that he’s fighting jamis with is a kris knife. You see a couple of them throughout the movie they’re knives that are fashioned from the teeth of the sand worms that are why do they call them the tooth of shyhalud. The great worm and the really cool thing that they did here using paul’s abilities is that James winds up being the person in paul’s recent visions that he just had teaching him lessons about the desert guiding him mentoring him even though paul winds up being forced to kill him in the fight per the freeman’s customs. So a lot of you ask how did  Paul learn lessons through his visions through his dreams of the future from James. If James died here in this fight there is no actual time travel in the dune universe like nobody physically travels backward in time or forwards in time paul’s powers are passed down to him. His bloodline orchestrated by the Bene gesserit gives him a measure of prescience. When he’s been dreaming as rev mother Mohammed explained to him he’s been dreaming versions of the future but here’s the thing paul can’t predict the future perfectly. He told Mohair that not all the things that he dreams wind up happening exactly as he dreamed them that’s why she gets so pissed off with him and tells him I hope you live human because your abilities have barely begun to awaken. If you remember the original movie that also plays into that scene of the sleeper awakening paul. Awakening his full powers but at this point in the movie that hasn’t happened yet so what’s happening here right before paul’s fight with James is that he’s seeing a bunch of potential futures based on actions that he’s thinking about taking even though they only show you some of his visions. It’s implied that he has other visions all the time as well so him having a vision of future jameis. Teaching him the ways of the freeman was one of the potential outcomes for this had he and Jessica acted differently. During this encounter with stellar and the other Fremen so it’s implied that in the timeline. Where James was alive to teach him James had not challenged Jessica or paul to fight but he did obviously so the future changed and paul was forced to kill him. But Paul was able to benefit from the knowledge that he learned in that potential timeline using his powers they’ll continue to play with this really cool concept. In the dune sequels, paul views multiple potential futures and has to deal with the problems that come with that ability because the outcomes of a bunch of different timelines are similar. How would you choose which paths to take and which future would you pursue it’s a lot like doctor strange during avengers infinity war with the time stone. He uses it to view 14 million different possible timelines to find one where they’re able to be Thanos for good in fines one so that’s the path they take side note too for all the marvel fans. Out there yes josh Brolin is playing gurney  Halleck during the movie the war master of house potential kwisatz Shadrach his one job as ordained by this whole bene gesserit. The breeding program is to lead all of humanity on the golden path is what the Bene gesserit called their concept of a perfect timeline like what is the best timeline for humanity and they call that the golden path so over thousands of years they try to create this super being through a breeding program.  They can see that perfect timeline and tell everyone how to bring about those events within the dunes series the term kwisatz Shadrach. Literally translates to shortening of the way as in finding a quicker way to a better future so that’s why they were trying to create this super.  I don’t want to talk too much about the story beyond dune part 2 because even though paul does wind up drinking the water of life to fully awaken his powers as we see during the original dune movie the water of life being the bile of the sand worms and it does amplify his powers. Exponentially but dune part 2 if you haven’t read that first book or you never watched the original movie is still very much focused on the immediate problem the war between paul and the freeman. The  Harkonnen and the emperor everything with paul trying to reckon with the golden path timeline doesn’t really become a huge deal. In the next story after that child of the dune god emperor of dune and for the most part, is actually paul’s son leto strides ii who has to reckon with the golden path and during the ending of dune part 1. During this first movie, they kind of foreshadow this paul can see a version of the golden path in this future that the Bene gesserit are looking for but during this scene. When they’re in the tent paul starts having this nightmare ranting about wars being fought under his banner atrocities being committed in his name all over the universe people being slaughtered everywhere by his followers and it frightens him. He’s horrified by it so in those visions what he’s seeing is one of the possible iterations of the golden path timeline.

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