Filmografia complete De Samara Weaving

Biography of De Samara Weaving

Filmografia complete De Samara Weaving

A little information about this beautiful blonde with blue eyes known for her unforgettable role as The Babysitter
or at least that’s how I met her. She was born on February 22, 1992, in Adelaide, South Australia. She has blue eyes and she is a beautiful lady. She is 5ft 4in tall. She weighs 114lbs and her measurements are 31B/22/31. Her name is Samara Weaving and her first experience in show business would be in 2008 in the Australian series Out of the Blue where she played Kirsten Mulroney for a total of 50 episodes. The following year and for 4 years, she starred in the also Australian novel Home and Away in the role of Indi Walker. Which she played throughout more than 330 episodes. She landed a small role in the 2013 drama Mystery Road and two years later guest starred in three episodes of the excellent horror comedy Ash vs. Evil Dead. In 2016, she starred in the thriller Bad Girl where she plays two characters and had a small role in the adventure comedy Monster Truck. 2017 would be one of the busiest years of her career appearing in three movies, a tv show, and even a music video. Firstly she obtained a recurring role for the Showtime dramatic comedy SMILF where she played Nelson Rose for 18 episodes between In 2017 and 2019. While starring in Charlie Puth’s music video Attention and the horror comedy Mayhem alongside Steven Yeun. She also landed a small role in the comedy-drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and a lead role in the horror comedy on Netflix The Babysitter where she plays Bee a dream nanny. If it weren’t for the fact that she was indeed a nanny of nightmares. The following year she starred in 6 episodes of the original prime video mini-series Picnic at Hanging Rock 2019. She also starred in the comedy Guns Akimbo and Ready Or Not, the latter with very good reviews. Last 2020 was also an excellent year for this talented and beautiful Hollywood star. At the beginning of it, she starred in the animated film 100% Wolf giving life to the dog Batty. She starred in the Netflix miniseries Hollywood and the movies Bill & Ted Face the Music. Last Moment of Clarity and the sequel to The Babysitter in which she returns to the role of the beautiful and demonic Bee. Last year we were able to delight in her portrayal of the beautiful and deadly Scarlett in the action movie Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Origins and was part of the cast of the Hulu original mini-series.  For this year she is still as busy as ever with various projects in post-production according to IMDb. By nature, De Samara Weaving is so kind and humble. She also met her fans in different shows without any hesitation. Samara weaving is a billionaire. She earns 40000$ per episode of her drama. When we talk about her siblings. She has one Sister and two brothers. Her sister is also in the film industry. But her brothers are doctors. The babysitter drama was her superhit drama. She also works in the film industry. She got the best performance award in films many times. She has 10 top films.


The Billboards outside


Monster Trucks is the horror movie of De Samara Weaving.


The Babysitter where she plays bee a dream nanny. She suffers from nightmares.


Ready or not


Guns Akimbo


Bill and TED


Killer Queen


Last moment of Clarity


Snakes Eyes


The Valet

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