Gladiator Hollywood Movie Part 1

Short story of Gladiator

Gladiator Hollywood Movie Part 1

There used to be a large empty space south of the kingdom of Sabbia. Sabbia was known to be mostly desert so this area was also covered in nothing but sand, however shortly after Queen Rema took the throne in the kingdom a new structure was built. The speed at which this new arena was built was constantly put into question. A building of this magnitude would normally take years to build on Fenrir but it felt like the Drytreck Arena was built in only a few days. Once the Fenians of Sabbia noticed they became more and more curious. Their curiosity was met by many patrons working in the arena they were advertising gladiatorial fights scheduled to take place in the new arena and inviting Fenians to stay at the new taverns set up all around it. It was an oddity to be sure but a welcome sight in Sabbia. Prior to the arena, there weren’t many places like this where Fenin’s could go to pass the time, enjoy a drink meet with friends, or meet new ones. Those who actually went to the arena for the fights were treated to a spectacle unlike any other in Fenrir. Though the fights were not for the faint of heart in most of the fights a Fenin would take on a monstrous beast plucked straight from the sands of Sabbia. As the gladiators rose in fame the fans expected them to face each other and in some instances, they would. Most of these fights ended in the death of the loser but in rare instances, they would both survive. It was considered a great honor to be in the arena on a night when two of the gladiators fought each other due to the lack of competitors the ones running the Drytreck Arena couldn’t afford to lose gladiators by pitting them against each other. However, a rare deal in the Kingdom of Ilford on the main continent changed all of that. Ilford had attacked and enslaved the Fenians of Ellmoore and instead of keeping them in Ilford, they sold them to Sabbia. This influx of new warriors allowed the Drytreck Arena to explore new options. The first new avenue they could explore was allowing their gladiators to team up on occasion and fight
the nastiest of beasts living in the sands. This new dynamic led to interesting interactions as some of the gladiators hated each other and teaming up was not something they wanted to do. The next new opportunity to arise for them was growing their female division. Male Fenians fought male Fenins and female Fenians fought female Fenians but the lack of female fighters made those fights few and far between. Luckily for the people running the Drytreck Arena,
Elmore was full of powerful female Fenins none as strong as Natalia. Natalia was known on Fenrir as the “Daughter of the Sun” having been bestowed with powers that resonate with the giant star above. She quickly became a crowd favorite. Even without powers, Natalia was a skilled fighter and a master martial artist. Every fight that Natalia participated in was a sight to behold. Fierce strikes, quick and fluid movements, and when the fight isn’t going her way the blistering sun beating down on Sabbia fueled her assault. On the other side of things stood the Drytreck Arena’s champion, a mysterious man by the name of Azai. While most gladiators were held with a tight leash by those who ran the arena, Azai seemed to be able to do whatever he felt like doing. If a warrior had a great battle against a monster and Azai deemed him worthy, he would make his way out to the arena sands and fight the warrior.
This often put Azai at an advantage and meant the end of whatever warrior he chose to fight. He wielded a katana said to be imbued with the magical properties taken from the corpse of the first opponent he ever defeated. Despite always being in the spotlight not much else is known about Azai, but the fans of the arena went crazy at the sight of him. The limitations on male and female Fenins fighting in the arena made it impossible for Azai to fight Natalia, but it was a dream match often debated by Fenians frequenting the establishment. If the two one day gets to square off it would be a legendary battle talked about for ages and told in tales for generations.

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