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Great Wall of China: History, Length & Map



The incredible history of great wall in china:

  1. The Qin Dynasty’s Emperor Qin Shi Huang later conquered all the states and united China in 221 BC. He gave the order to construct a new wall to link the previous fortifications. Later, to protect themselves from invasion by northern invaders, the Han, Sui, Northern, and Jin dynasties all rebuilt, strengthened, or extended various portions of the Great Wall.
  2.  The Emperor then instructed the building of walls along the northern border. Due to the combination of bricks and stones used in wall construction during the Ming Dynasty, the walls were stronger. Significant resources were used to reinforce and repair the walls as the Mongolians continued to attack the area. Geographical information indicates that the areas close to Beijing are particularly robust.
  3. Their mission was to protect China from the Eurasian Steppe inhabitants who lived on the other side of the wall, including the Mongols and numerous other steppe inhabitants.

cool things about the great wall of china:

  •  The new estimate is based on archeological studies as opposed to earlier estimations, which were based on historical sources.
  •  Much of it is off limits to access in order to protect it. The Badaling Great Wall, which receives about 10 million tourists a year, is one of the wall’s most visited sections.
  • when the Ming reintroduced the notion of fortifying the nation with a massive wall. They used bricks and stone instead of the clay walls of prior structures to build it considerably stronger and more elaborately.
  • Everything has an end. The Colosseum in Rome stopped hosting events, Hadrian’s Wall lost its utility, and America’s Wild West stopped being both wild and a border.
  • The Great Wall is supposedly visible from space, a myth that appears to have its roots in Western accounts of the wall’s size. According to English antiquarian William Stukeley, who wrote in 1754, “This mighty wall [Hadrian’s wall] of four score miles in length is only exceeded by the Chinese Wall, which makes a considerable figure upon the terrestrial globe, and might be discerned at the Moon,” Hadrian’s wall was first claimed to have been visible from space. Of course, how could someone who was alive 270 years ago have known?

How long is the Great Wall of China?

                                                  21,196 kilometers (13,170 miles):

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China


.There are approximately 526 kilometers (327 miles) of the 8,851.8 kilometers (5,500.3 miles) long Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) that is located in Beijing.

How long is the Ming Great Wall? 

It consists of a 2,232.5-kilometer (1,387.2-mile) natural barrier, a 6,259.6-kilometer (3,889.5-mile) artificial wall, and a 359.7-kilometer (223.5-mile) trench. It consists of 1,026 additional linked ruins, 3,357 wall platforms, 5,723 beacon towers, 7,062 watching towers, and 5,723 beacon towers. The Ming Dynasty is primarily responsible for the portions of the Great Wall in Beijing.

Total Length:

The Great Wall of China is 21,196.18 kilometers long in kilometers. How many miles long is the Great Wall of China? 13,170.70 miles make it. Surprisingly, the length of the China wall is more than twice as long as the earlier estimations. There are 43,721 artifacts total, including fortifications, towers, trenches, and walled areas.

1/3 of the Great Wall has disappeared:

  • The Great Wall is getting longer as a result of discoveries and restorations. Due to both natural erosion and human activities, the wall is getting shorter and shorter every day. In the guise of modern construction, some people tore down the wall or even stole the bricks for their own purposes. All of these operations severely damaged the wall, rendering several sections unrecognizably damaged.
  • By the end of 2016, the Jiankou Great Wall in Beijing will have received 40% of its restoration. The wall total is growing longer as renovations are being done to Hefangkou, Xishuiyu, and numerous other wild sections.

5 Interesting Facts about the construction of the Great Wall:


Rice, rice everywhere:

Around 600 years ago, workers assembled the Ming dynasty sections of the Great Wall by combining a paste made of sticky rice flour and slaked lime, an essential component of mortar. What a tasty arrangement.

The longest cemetery:

Like many ancient structures that have survived to the present day, the Great Wall of China has a very dark side.

The occasion makes the thief:

This makes the Great Wall’s preservation less than ideal. The stones at least served a worthwhile purpose.

You can’t see it from the space:

The Great Wall is the world’s oldest and biggest historically constructed wall, dating back more than 2300 years. Though not particularly large, it is large.