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How to Change the WhatsApp Text Color 2023




What application is required to alter the WhatsApp font colour?

To accomplish this, you may download a variety of third-party applications, including “Color Texting Messenger,” “Cool Fonts For WhatsApp And Text,” and “WhatsBlue Text.” There will be adverts, but these applications are often free.

For instance, the “Fancy Letters” option in the “WhatsBlue Text” app enables you to compose a message, which will subsequently be displayed in a variety of styles, including blue text. The software then gives you several alternatives for utilising this text, one of which is simply labelled “WhatsApp,” once you’ve selected the style or colour you like. You can then send this message to a contact through the messaging app by clicking here.

How can the colour of your WhatsApp status be changed?

The procedure is almost same when changing the text colour in your WhatsApp status. You would carry out the identical procedures using a third-party app like “WhatsBlue Text” as described before.

However, when you choose the WhatsApp option, you would choose “My Status” rather than “My Contacts” to send the message to.

Then, using a natural feature of the programme, you may alter the background colour of your WhatsApp status. When you’re satisfied with the way it appears, you just click the “Send” button.

Is there an other method to modify WhatsApp’s text colour?

Yes, there is a second method for changing the font colour. By selecting WhatsApp flag emojis for the desired country’s first few characters, you may then click backspace to leave just the desired letter in blue. You can see how to achieve this in the video below. But since it takes so much longer, most individuals who want to alter the font colour on WhatsApp will choose a different approach. event app.

How to modify WhatsApp’s font style?How to Change the WhatsApp Text Color 2023

Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Monospace are the four built-in font styles for WhatsApp. These font styles cannot be set as defaults; you can only use them individually. Here’s how to modify the font used in your WhatsApp text:

Open the conversation where you wish to send the message after launching WhatsApp on your phone.
In the message box at the bottom, type whatever you like to convey.
Click the three dots in the clipboard choices box after selecting the text whose font style you wish to modify. (See image below)
You’ll see all 4 WhatsApp typefaces after that. Select whomever you want to utilise, and the font style of your chosen text will be changed automatically.
Bold\s: This will give the text a bit more weight than the standard font, as in:

Italic: This will result in a slightly slanted message in an Italic font type format similar to this.
Strikethrough: This will insert a line in the text’s centre, looking like this.
Monospace: Each character in a monospace typeface occupies the same amount of horizontal space. It appears as follows.

Simply submit your message after customising it:

Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently change these font styles as the default in WhatsApp. As was already indicated, if necessary, you must employ them manually. Please take notice that you may alter the WhatsApp status font style using this way as well.

Manually alter the font style in WhatsApp:

On WhatsApp, you also have the option of changing the font style. You must manually modify the SMS message for this. Here are some instructions:

Use the bold text feature on WhatsApp by adding the * (asterisk sign) before and after any text you want to make bold. For instance: *This text is bold*. WhatsApp will change the text style to bold automatically when you do this.
Use the (Underscore) sign to make any text in WhatsApp italic by placing it before and after the text. Examples include: “This is Italic text.” When you do this, WhatsApp will instantly italicise the text you’ve chosen.
Use the strikethrough font style on WhatsApp by adding the sign before and after any text to make it strikethrough. Consider the phrase “Strikethrough text.” This will strikethrough the text by inserting a horizontal line through the centre of the text.
You may also transform any text to monospace by using the WhatsApp monospace font style. for instance. The text will automatically switch to a monospace font type when you do this.

How to Change the WhatsApp Text Color 2023

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