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How to Download Atlas OS 2023




Process Latency:

Latency is a sticky topic, however let`s simply that having a decrease system latency goes to be higher than having greater. Atlas wins again, just like the champ working machine it is.

Ram Usage:

All the bloated programs and procedures that run withinside the heritage upload as much as impact a sizeable quantity for your general ram usage. We`ve long gone beforehand and eliminated the things you don`t need.


Atlas disables and strips masses of procedures which run withinside the heritage on inventory Windows. Processes aren`t too important, however you may evaluate your consequences to ours at the left, it`s thoughts blowing.


Reduce strain for your CPU, at the same time as decreasing machine latency.
We`re open supply and obvious approximately our changes.
The set up length is dramatically decrease in comparison to inventory Windows.
With no telemetry, you may revel in a non-intrusive Windows build.

Windows vs. Atlas:

Private:How to Download Atlas OS 2023

Atlas eliminates all sorts of monitoring embedded inside Windows and implements severa institution regulations to decrease facts collection. Things out of doors the scope of Windows we cannot boom privateness for, which include web sites you visit.


Atlas ambitions to be steady as viable with out dropping performance. We do that with the aid of using disabling capabilities which could leak facts or be exploited. There are exceptions to this which include Spectre, and Meltdown.  If a protection mitigation degree decreases performance, it’ll be disabled. Below are a few capabilities/mitigations which have been altered, in the event that they incorporate a (P) they may be protection dangers which have been fixed:

It is a changed model of Windows that removes any elements that would negatively effect gaming performance.

As an open-supply project, Altas`s intention is to offer identical gaming possibilities for gamers irrespective of their machine`s capabilities. In addition to optimizing performance, Atlas is likewise powerful in decreasing machine and community latency and enter lag.

What is eliminated in Atlas OS?

  • TPM (Trusted Platform Module)
  • Windows Defender
  • Storage Spaces
  • eMMC Drives
  • RAID Disk Configurations
  • BitLocker
  • Biometrics (Face Recognition/Fingerprint)
  • Voice Recognition
  • Restore Points & System Reset

What are a few alternatives?

When evaluating Atlas and Windows you may additionally recall the subsequent projects:

Windows-10-Reforged-Gaming-Edition – Windows 10 Reforged Gaming Edition debloated to the max for premiere performance!Enjoy!

Sophia-Script-for-Windows – :zap: The maximum effective PowerShell module on GitHub for fine-tuning Windows 10 & Windows 11

optimizer – The best Windows Optimizer

How to Download Atlas OS 2023

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