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How to Download Microsoft Office For Free



Microsoft Office is a piece of software that was made by the company in 1988. This Office suite is made up of several programmes that are essential to how computers are used today. From an exam point of view, questions about MS Office and its applications are often asked on the country’s most important government exams. In this article, we’ll talk at length about Microsoft Office, how it works, what you need to know to prepare for upcoming tests, and some sample questions and answers for candidates to look at.

Computer knowledge is a big part of many competitive exams, like those for Bank, SSC, Railways, Insurance, etc., and candidates should know that it can also be the most important part. When answering questions about computer knowledge, you don’t have to do long calculations or come up with complicated answers. Instead, you’ll be asked simple, direct questions that are even easier to answer. So, candidates need to pay attention to this section if they want to do better overall and improve their mark sheet. Here are a few important links that might help candidates prepare for competitive exams:

How does Microsoft Office work?

Microsoft Office is a set of programmes, servers, and services that help you get work done.Office is used a lot in businesses, schools, and homes to create and edit documents, manage email and calendars, and look at data. Office can be bought once or on a recurring basis through the Office 365 service.

Microsoft Word from:

You can make and change documents like resumes, applications, letters, and school or college assignments in a professional way with Microsoft Word.


Microsoft Excel:

How to Download Microsoft Office For Free

is a spreadsheet programme that comes with the Microsoft Office package. It is used to make and edit spreadsheets, which can have data in rows and columns, charts, graphs, and different kinds of calculations. Excel has many features, like the ability to sort and filter data, use formulas and functions, and make pivot tables for analysing data. It also has tools for working together, like co-authoring and commenting in real time. Excel files can be saved in many different formats, such as the default.xlsx format,.csv,.pdf, and more.

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Microsoft PowerPoint:

Part of the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft PowerPoint is a programme for making presentations. It is used to make and edit slide presentations, which can include text, images, charts, graphs, videos, and other multimedia elements. PowerPoint has many features, such as templates, themes, slide layouts, and tools for adding animations, transitions, and other special effects. It also lets you add and edit audio and video, and it has features for working with other people, like co-authoring and commenting in real time. PowerPoint presentations can be saved in many different formats, such as the default.pptx format,.pdf, and others.

Microsoft Access is a programme for managing databases that comes with the Microsoft Office suite. It is used to create and manage databases, which can include tables, forms, reports, and other objects for storing and organising data. Access has many features, like the ability to make tables and relationships, design forms and reports, and use SQL to ask questions about data. It also has a programming language built in called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) that can be used to automate tasks and make custom solutions. Access can save files in different formats, including the default.accdb format, and it can also work with other programmes like Excel and SharePoint. It can be used with both Windows and macOS.

Using Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook can be used on a computer and online, just like Gmail. It is used to send and get personal and official mail. You can use this to keep track of your daily tasks and save important contacts. The best thing that we use every day is that you can check your email without being connected to the Internet. And while you are writing an email, you can use all of the formatting options.


This is just a general idea of what the Microsoft Office suite is and how it can help students and people who run small to midsize businesses. Microsoft Office is the most important programme that computers should have.

offers tools that make it easier for business owners and people who work from home to work together. It’s a cloud-based programme that lets you be more productive from anywhere and on any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, and laptop).

In the end, I’ll say that the Microsoft Office Suite is a great group of programmes that work well together. Even I am writing this article by using Microsoft Word, which is a family member.

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