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How To Download MS Excel Free Version 2023



Microsoft Office substitutes available for free include:

A membership cost is necessary to use Microsoft Office programmes like Word and Excel. But what if you want to try it out first before signing up for a subscription? The wonderful news has come. Both Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based version of its desktop office suite, and Office 2021, its top-tier desktop office suite, have been made available.

Office 2021 is a one-time purchase in contrast to Microsoft 365, which requires a monthly or annual subscription to obtain the most recent updates. In order to provide new users additional alternatives, the primary Microsoft Office package, Microsoft 365, also offers a free trial of one month’s length.

Windows (including Windows 10), macOS, iOS, and Android, as well as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are all compatible with Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 comes in two different subscription packages: Microsoft 365 Home and Microsoft 365 Business.

Customers may choose between the Microsoft 365 Home and Personal editions. In contrast to the Personal Edition’s single-user restrictions, the Family Edition allows up to six users to share a single subscription.

Microsoft 365 Business is a choice designed for business purposes that provides a range of services at various subscription costs.

By following the instructions below, let’s get started with the free download of Microsoft Word and Excel for PC.

Start by visiting the Microsoft Office products website.

2) Select a membership tier to test out without paying.

  1. Select “Try it free for a month” from the menu.
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account right away, or create a new one, if necessary.
  3. Only new Microsoft Office subscribers are eligible for the free download and trial of Microsoft 365.
  4. Sixth, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all installed on your computer as part of Microsoft Office.
  5. You are welcome to try the considerate services without commitment.
  6. Following the entry of your payment information, click the “Save” button.
  7. After completing step 7, press the Subscribe button.
  8. Microsoft 365 will check the legitimacy of your credit card or PayPal account before processing your payment.
  9. After the verification is finished, the following step is to click the Continue button.
  10. You will be sent to your Microsoft dashboard when you open a new tab and select the symbol for Download Desktop Apps.
  11. Eleven. Click the Install Office button when you’re ready, and your computer will download the executable file.
  12. Once the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to start installing Excel and other Microsoft365 programmes.

How To Download MS Excel Free Version 2023

Since the free trial period for Microsoft 365 is just one month long, we advise testing out a few other office suites before choosing it. Learn about and give these alternatives to Microsoft Word and Excel a try:


The best free alternative to Microsoft Office is WPS Office.

Come quickly and take possession of seven outstanding items of office software.

Here are eight essential tools for your office that will enable you to do more in less time.

How To Download MS Excel Free Version 2023

Microsoft Word and Excel are good choices while using a PC, but they are not the only ones; other free office suites, like WPS Office, are also good possibilities. WPS Office includes writing (Word), presenting (PowerPoint), calculating (Excel), and editing (PDF), making it a strong and adaptable set of office tools that can manage the majority of routine office activities. Everyone is welcome to use and test it out.

The advantages of Excel 365 include the following:

  • Even though the bulk of the functionality will remain the same, some discrepancies can be seen if you upload a worksheet to your browser.
  • An Excel spreadsheet cannot be accessible online because of ActiveX and other technologies.
  • A worksheet’s data validation may be changed, but a web browser cannot be used to set it up.
  • Typefaces that are incompatible may look different.
  • If the font used in the workbook is not already installed on your computer, a different one will be used in its stead.
  • The legacy macro functions won’t appear in the web browser.
  • If more than one person is presently logged into the worksheet, redo and undo won’t operate.
  • A single password-protected worksheet may be opened in a browser, but an entire workbook that is password-protected or encrypted won’t.


Is there a free version of Excel?

All you need to use Excel online for free is a Microsoft account. Additionally, you may get the trial edition of Excel 365 to use it for 30 days without cost.

Could you please explain how to cancel my Excel account?

Navigate to your profile picture after signing into your Microsoft account. My Account > Manage (just underneath your credit card information) > Reject Excel. Cancel.

Could I please have Excel instead of Word?

In contrast to Excel 2016, Excel 365 is a part of the Microsoft 365 package rather than being offered individually. If you simply need Excel, you’ll need to get the whole suite. On the other hand, if you want to utilise a mobile device, Excel is the only programme you need to download.

Are Excel passwords maintained securely?

Even while spreadsheets are secure by default, you may take further security measures by utilising AES 128-bit encryption to encrypt the whole workbook or specific worksheets.

Does Excel accept CSV files?

This is one of the differences between Excel and Excel Online.

Excel Online cannot read CSV files, however Excel 365 can when it is downloaded.How To Download MS Excel Free Version 2023

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