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How to Download MS Powerpoint Free 2023



How to Get Free PowerPoint Downloads (Microsoft 365):

  1. A new page including some beneficial Microsoft 365 FAQs will appear when you click the Download button in the sidebar. The official PowerPoint (Microsoft 365) website will open in a new tab
  2. when you click the Start Download button.
  3. Select the link for Try Free for 1 Month.
  4. Select “Try 1 Month Free” from the menu.
  5. For the free trial, only users with a Microsoft account are qualified. You may log in right now if you have an account. Otherwise, sign up for a free account by clicking the Create Account link.
  6. Although there are no fees during the free trial, you must still input payment details to proceed.
  7. Microsoft offers payments by PayPal, mobile phone, credit card, or debit card. Select the payment method of your choice, then click Continue.
  8. To continue to the checkout, enter your payment card information, PayPal information, or your cellphone number, and then click Continue.
  9. To subscribe, click the button.
  10. Click Continue when the payment method has been verified.
  11. When you click the option labelled “Download the Desktop Apps,” a new tab with your Microsoft dashboard will appear.
  12. The installation process will start downloading to your computer as soon as you click Install Office.
  13. When you open the downloaded file, PowerPoint and the whole Microsoft 365 programme library are immediately installed on your computer.

Get PowerPoint for free right now!

Installing PowerPoint on Windows:

You can quickly delete PowerPoint from your computer in just a few simple steps if it turns out that the application isn’t the best fit for you or after you’ve created all the presentations you need.

Add or Remove Programs should appear in the search box on Windows.
Click “uninstall” next to Microsoft 365 as you go down.
This will delete Microsoft 365 and PowerPoint from your machine, but it won’t terminate your account. You may still access presentations that you’ve saved to your OneDrive online storage.

Overview of PowerPointHow to Download MS Powerpoint Free 2023

One of the Microsoft 365 suite’s most adaptable apps is PowerPoint. Anyone may use it, including children generating image slideshows for their pals, students preparing slideshows for class, and salespeople emphasising the advantages of their product. Whatever the cause, the presentation is brought together by a suitable template design, colour palette, and animation or transition.

The removal procedure will securely remove Microsoft 365 (including PowerPoint) from your computer when you confirm that you wish to do so.

For each image, text, or object on the slide, animations may be put up. That item will appear on the page in this manner. Make careful to arrange numerous animations on a page in the correct sequence to avoid having the images appear before the text or vice versa. You may always examine a preview of an animation or the whole slide before saving your work. As soon as the slide loads in Presentation Mode, you may choose to have the animations start automatically so you won’t have to keep clicking the mouse to see the next thing.

How to Download MS Powerpoint Free 2023

PowePoint has several great features and recommendations if you’re using it as a visual aid during a speech, lecture, or presentation:

To guarantee that you don’t forget what you intended to say, make notes that are only visible to you.
Put the slides on a timer: The slides may be automated to change at predetermined intervals.
Remote control access: You can switch slides using your smartphone without going to your computer and using the mouse.
All tools from Microsoft 365 are compatible: Integrate Visio flowcharts, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and diagrams without the need to convert any files or download any specialised plugins.

Is PowerPoint a free programme?

However, if you follow the above guidelines, I’ll show you how to get PowerPoint and the complete Microsoft 365 package for free for 30 days, even though they no longer provide a free desktop client for it.

Is it safe to download PowerPoint?

The whole Microsoft 365 software suite passed the VirusTotal test after I downloaded it and tried it. Malware, viruses, spyware, and bloatware were nonexistent. Avoid “free” or pirated versions at all costs since they often include viruses.

How can I end my membership to Microsoft 365 and PowerPoint?

By login into your account and deactivating the regular payments, you may terminate your Microsoft membership. Up to the conclusion of the current billing cycle, your account will remain active.

How to Download MS Powerpoint Free 2023

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