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How to Find IP Address of Any PC Using CMD 2023



Windows 7 Guidelines:

To begin, go to your Start Menu and put cmd into the search box, then click Enter.
A black and white box will appear, prompting you to enter ipconfig /all and click Enter.
A space is used to separate the ipconfig command and the /all switch.

Your IPv4 address will be the one you have.

the command prompt option on the menu.

A black and white box will appear, prompting you to enter ipconfig /all and click Enter.
A space is used to separate the ipconfig command and the /all switch.

This freeware displays your current public IP address straight on the command line. It works by downloading the content of the very basic website ifconfig. me, which was designed to just output your public IP address. If you put that domain name into your browser, the same thing will happen.

Windows 11 Guidelines:

Although Windows 10 and 11 include the curl command, if you’re using an older version of Windows, you’ll probably need to download curl for Windows. Curl may be used in addition to the normal Windows CMD prompt on Windows 10 and 11.

The information shown underneath the title Ethernet Local Area Adapter gigabit connection is the IP address for your Ethernet card, which will be requested by a specialist. The IPv4 address will be assigned to you.

How to Find IP Address of Any PC Using CMD 2023

After the heading Wireless Lan adapter connection, the wireless card information will show. Any description that begins with the term “Virtual” is not necessary in order for us to set up your internet connection.

The command prompt window:

Even if an IP address does not reveal much personal information, a hacker’s window of chance exists. Continue reading to find out what someone can do with your IP address if you haven’t considered the risks it may pose.

The device on which you are viewing this is uniquely identified by its internet protocol (IP) address. It cannot access the Cloudwards website or other internet services until it has this numeric identification. While IP addresses allow device interaction, they may also be used by fraudsters. Continue reading to learn more about what your IP address might be used for.

Important Points to Remember

Your device’s IP address functions similarly to a digital ID card. Websites, programmes, and other networked computer devices may identify and connect to your device using this information.
An IP address just shows your nation and location and contains no personally identifiable information about you. Hackers, on the other hand, may use the IP address to get personal information about you, such as your name, phone number, Social Security number, and location.

 Safety Protocols

Hackers may access your IP address through email, online advertisements, bogus links, torrenting websites, or your hardware, such as routers and PCs.
You may secure your online activity and prevent hackers from obtaining your IP address by using a VPN.

This article will describe the purpose of an IP address, how it may be acquired, how it can be abused to launch a cyberattack, and other information. In addition, we’ll go through other ideas for protecting your IP address, such as utilising a premium VPN service.

What Exactly is an IP Address?

Each piece of computer network equipment is assigned an IP address, which is a unique identifying number. It is a series of integers separated by points that carries critical information about your approximate geographic location, such as

How to Find IP Address of Any PC Using CMD 2023

The internet service provider (ISP) assigns an IP address to each router on a network in order to identify it from the billions of other routers. This facilitates data exchange and engagement over a network between computers, routers, websites, and mobile devices.

Internet Protocol addresses (Public vs. Private)

Your computer is given one IP address for usage on the public internet, while the other is used to securely connect to other devices in a private network. Consider your social circle. Although each network device, including TVs, PCs, and mobile phones, has its own IP address, the ISP allocates a public IP address to the router.

Because your public IP address identifies you to the internet, you may get the information you need. The secret IP address, rather than identifying your device to the rest of the internet, enables devices connected to the same private network to interact safely.


How Do I Determine My IP Address?

Google “what is my IP address?” to find out. You may also discover more about yourself by doing a DNS leak test, such as your location and nationality. also has your ISP’s contact information.

Remember that if many PCs, cellphones, and laptops are linked to the same router (through LAN or WiFi), they will all share the same public IP address. The private IP addresses will be shown in the device settings.How to Find IP Address of Any PC Using CMD 2023

Choose “network & internet” on Windows, then the network to which you wish to join. Selecting “properties” and scrolling to the bottom of the page will reveal the IPv4 address. If you’re using a Mac, go to “system preferences,” then “network,” and lastly “ethernet.”

Go to the device settings on Android and choose “about device.” When you choose “status information,” your IP address will be shown. Finally,

Someone else may be able to find my IP address.

Your IP address may be broadcast over the internet.

It is not illegal for someone else to examine your IP address, especially if they have no malicious intent.

How to Find IP Address of Any PC Using CMD 2023

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