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How To Hide Chat in Whatsapp Trick 2023



WhatsApp remains the preferred messaging app for both mobile and desktop users. Currently, more than 2 billion people worldwide log in every single month. You are probably reading this because you are also a regular user of WhatsApp on your computer or mobile device. Your conversations are assumed to be private between you and anybody you are talking to.

A user’s privacy is a top priority for WhatsApp, hence the company has implemented several safeguards. However there are times when you might forget your phone in a public place where prying eyes could listen in on your conversations. In this piece, we’ll examine the hide and unhide function and how it may be used to keep conversations private. We’ll show you how to archive your conversations for later reference and also how to keep them hidden from prying eyes.

In this first installment,

we’ll cover the basics of archiving and hiding and showing WhatsApp conversations.

WhatsApp users already have access to a global option for keeping their chat history concealed. The archiving feature is being referred to here. In this part, you will find out everything there is to know about the function.

WhatsApp’s Stored Conversations Explained

WhatsApp’s built-in Archive feature lets you conceal conversations from prying eyes. It can be used for chatting with groups as well as individual people. Instead of being permanently deleted, your chat history will be stored in the app.

In any case, the improved functionality of the feature is worth noting. It used to be that when a new message was received, a previously hidden chat would reappear in the chat menu. This feature allows you to permanently hide a message from prying eyes. Users can also decide whether they want a secret conversation to stay hidden or reappear when fresh messages are received.

How to save WhatsApp conversations on an Android smartphone forever:How To Hide Chat in Whatsapp Trick 2023

To use WhatsApp’s chat features, select Preferences from the menu. Conversations can be saved and accessed at a later time.
Choose “On” or “Off” by pressing the adjacent button.

You may also go to the feature by visiting the archive page. To get to the same section, just click the hamburger menu at the page’s top.

After that, you’ll notice the following text: “These conversations are archived even after new messages have been sent. In order to make a change, you should tap.” Just click on the message to edit it. WhatsApp’s archive feature makes it easy to immediately delete conversations.

WhatsApp messages on Android can be temporarily hidden and retrieved;

  • Simply type in the URL of the conversation you want to save.
  • To make a note of the conversation, press your finger firmly against the chat window.
  • Tap the square icon that looks like an arrow pointing down your screen.

Android Messages:

  • Reveal the Archived menu by tapping the button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • To remove chat logs, simply navigate to the appropriate conversation.
  • You can skip all that by searching for the conversation you want to unarchive in the field provided.
  • Once the conversation has been noted, keep your finger pressed down on it.
  • To do so, navigate your screen to the square icon with the downward pointing arrow and click it.
  • Whatsapp Messages on iPhone Can Be Hidden and Revealed

The following are the steps for hiding and revealing your iPhone’s WhatsApp conversations.

  • When you hide an iPhone’s messages, you can access the conversation you want to save for posterity.
  • The chat room is on the left if you want to use it.
  • Next, click the Archive tab.
  • If you have hidden a message on your iPhone and want to reveal it,
  • tap Archived Chats in the top navigation.
  • You may also use the search bar to locate the conversation you wish to
  • unarchive. Swipe left on the conversation you wish to view.
  • A simple click on the Unarchive button will do the trick.
  • This Guide Will Teach You How To Hide And Unhide Conversations On WhatsApp Without Creating An Archive
  • If you’d rather not use WhatsApp’s built-in archiving feature, you have two alternatives here.


WhatsApp GBHow To Hide Chat in Whatsapp Trick 2023

Download GB Whatsapp From Here

How To Hide Chat in Whatsapp Trick 2023

Although it has been around for some time, GBWhatsApp has provided its users with options that are unavailable in the stock version of the messaging app. The WhatsApp clone, for example, provides its users with a genuine hiding and showing feature. By using GBWhatsApp, a conversation on WhatsApp can be saved indefinitely rather than deleted.

Here’s how to save a WhatsApp conversation without deleting it using GBWhatsApp.

One can utilise GbWhatsApp to keep their Android chat or group secret. Go to the conversation where you’d like to remain anonymous.

To make a note of the conversation,

  1. press your finger firmly against the chat window.
  2. Choose the hamburger menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the Hide option in the current screen’s menu.
  4. In order to use the software, you must first design a pattern.
  5. After the routine has been established, all of your conversations will be kept secret.
  6. Clicking the WhatsApp text in the top left corner of the GbWhatsApp screen can expose a conversation or group chat on an iPhone.
  7. Make a note of your combination lock.
  8. Keep your finger pressed down on the selected chat even after it has been opened.
  9. Make sure everyone can see your chats by selecting the option in your settings.

Entering a Password

In addition to the already robust privacy protections, you can take extra measures by locking your conversations. WhatsApp has a lock function that may be activated using biometrics like a fingerprint or facial scan. Thus, only biometric-enabled apps can utilise this function. Yet, you can go on to other, more secure third-party apps.


How To Hide Chat in Whatsapp Trick 2023

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