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How to make your phone impossible to track



T .11 Privacy Strategies: How to Make Your Phone Untraceable

Our current mobile phones have GPS systems that continuously collect and store our position data. This function comes in handy if you need to locate a misplaced phone or decide which route to take on a road trip, but it also gives other parties—including applications, marketing agencies, and even hackers—access to your location, sometimes without your knowledge.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you want to learn how to hide your phone from tracking. This tutorial will outline methods for safeguarding your location data and describe how to determine if your phone is being monitored.

11 Strategies to Stop Others from Tracking Your Phone

There are measures you can do to limit your location sharing and safeguard your GPS data, even though there is no one way to stop individuals from following your phone.

  1. Turn off the location services.
  2. spyware detection and removal
  3. Employ a private browser
  4. activate the aircraft mode
  5. Delete any strange applications
  6. Keep your Google account secure.
  7. Apply a VPN
  8. Offset your phone.
  9. Avoid using unprotected public Wi-Fi.
  10. Turn off location monitoring on social networking applications.
  11. your SIM card is locked

Stop using Location Services:How to make your phone impossible to track

You can see a permissions message when you first download an app asking whether you want to provide access to your current location. Many individuals click “Allow” without thinking twice, but it isn’t always the wisest course of action. You can be enabling an app to monitor and keep your GPS data even when you aren’t using it if you give it permission to utilise your location. Companies often sell this data to advertising, hedge funds, or other profitable firms.

You may deactivate location services entirely or turn off location services for certain applications in your phone’s settings to help stop apps from monitoring your position. If location services are off, someone can still monitor your phone, but applications won’t be able to access your whereabouts.

The procedures below may be used to turn off location services on Apple and Android phones:


  • your phone’s settings, and
  • Click on Location after you scroll down.
  • Turn off the location services slider.


  • your phone’s settings, and
  • Select Privacy.
  • Select Location Services.
  • Eliminate location sharing.

Spyware Removal and Scan:

In order to gather and sell sensitive data, some hackers instal harmful spyware on target devices. An attacker might access your location data if your phone gets infected with spyware, either via a malicious app or download.

Thankfully, there are techniques for finding and removing malware from your phone. Installing a spyware removal programme is the simplest approach to do this. A trustworthy antivirus programme can check your device for malware and provide guidance on how to remove it securely. However, some applications that market themselves as antivirus software are phoney; thus, conduct your research on reputable apps before downloading them.

Make Use of a Private BrowserHow to make your phone impossible to track

Google Chrome and Firefox, two well-known web browsers, utilise your location to do a variety of things, from target adverts to personalise search results. This means that the browser is continually recording your location and other personal information, which may be useful if you’re searching for restaurants or activities nearby.

You may either switch to a private browser or disable location tracking in your browser’s privacy settings to help avoid this.   This lessens the chance that hackers may use your internet activities to get your location or other sensitive data.

activate the aircraft mode

If you think someone is tracking your device using your internet activities, you may turn your phone into aeroplane mode. By doing this, you can stop certain online services from accessing your location and unplug your phone from cellular networks. However, while your smartphone is in aeroplane mode, you won’t be able to access the internet or utilise essential features like talking and messaging, so you’ll probably need to hunt for a more long-term solution.

Remove Strange Apps:

A suspicious app or download that you didn’t instal might indicate that spyware has been installed on your phone by a hacker. Malicious downloads are intended to access and steal private data, including GPS coordinates, online activity, and login passwords. You should immediately uninstall any unknown programmes in order to safeguard yourself from these frauds.

Keep your Google account secure:

Check your location settings if you have a Google account to be sure you aren’t sharing your location with other parties. If you’ve already shared your location with someone, Google may still be able to provide them access to it.

Additionally, Google provides a function that enables you to keep track of all of your previous actions even when no Google application is open. This makes you susceptible if your Google account is hacked, but it might be useful if you want to remember how to go there or check where you’ve been.

Remember to change your password and privacy settings often to keep your Google account safe and shield your location data from hackers. In the settings of your phone, you may also disable Google location monitoring or remove your movement data.

Using a VPNHow to make your phone impossible to track

One of the greatest methods to stop hackers, businesses, and advertising from getting your IP address and precise location is by using a trustworthy VPN.

This guarantees the privacy of your connection and stops hackers from seeing your location, IP address, or online behaviour.

Offset Your Phone:

Turning your phone entirely off will stop all network. GPS data connection if you find out someone is monitoring it and need a fast fix. While your smartphone is off. he tracker could still be able to view your last known position but won’t get any real-time updates.

This is a temporary fix if you are in urgent danger or don’t have enough time to turn off tracking services. You’ll need to take extra precautions to safeguard your phone and uninstall any spyware or harmful applications once you switch it back on.How to make your phone impossible to track

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