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How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free



Tracking Your Phone Location By Google Map

 on Google Maps

Google Map is a web-based location tracker. It was first created as a navigational tool for use while travelling or discovering new places. Its position is monitored accurately and instantly thanks to GPS. The ability to monitor numerous devices is available as long as location sharing is enabled.

utilising Google Maps to locate;

  • First, link your Gmail account to the phone’s Google contacts.
  • On their phone, they open the app and log in.
  • Choose Google profile from the menu in the upper right corner.
  • Select Location sharing and New share.
  • You’re done after hitting “Share.”

Find My iPhone How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

  • After downloading, instal the app on the target device.
  • Launch the application, then enable location tracking.
  • Use the phone’s browser to find the FindMyDevice website.
  • Enter their Gmail address into the search field to discover them.
  • As long as their phone is active and linked to Wi-Fi or mobile data,
  • AirDroid, a free mobile phone location tracker

One aspect of the AirDroid Parental Control software is location monitoring. Along with location monitoring, other features include screen mirroring, sync SMS/notification, and a remote camera.

Search online for a mobile device.

Check out the timeline to see the geographic history.
Remotely monitor and hear the area around the phone
tracking of phone activities in real time

Utilizing the app is easy; here’s how;

  • After installing it, create an account.
  • Install the AirDroid Kids app on the targeted smartphone.
  • After installing it, input the pairing code to link your phones.
  • Create the necessary settings.

4. Monitoring a cell phone number

Mobile Number Tracker makes it easy to find out where a device is. It uses phone numbers rather than a mobile network, Wi-Fi, or tracking. Both your phone and the other person’s phone do not need an app to be installed.

  • Go to the website.
  • Please enter the phone number you want to track down.
  • Choose the country that the digits come from.
  • Everything is available via the website’s user area.

Mobile TrackerHow to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Use Mobile Tracker to locate family members and colleagues. In addition to knowing where they are, you also monitor and have control over their phone. The programme allows you to stealthily snap pictures and record sounds. Using the no-cost app

  • Once it is downloaded, instal it on your device.
  • Create an account with them.
  • Change the setting.

How about my Droid?

Where’s My Droid is another free Android smartphone location tracker. The computer programme is interesting and easy to use. You may use the target phone to remotely take pictures with your phone.

Part 2 of the Top 6 Free iPhone Location Tracking Apps.

Find My iPhone

  •  iCloud location monitoring
  • Go Friend Me
  • Glympse, a free phone location tracker Life360’s Free Cell Phone Location Tracker
  •  GPS navigation tool

On iOS devices, a Find My app named Find My iPhone is preloaded. Users may track lost iOS devices to see their current or most recent location. Thanks to this software, the smartphone is more difficult to steal. It may also be used to monitor people’s whereabouts for free. The device settings must first be changed to enable it. Select your account by going to the settings page. Go to “Find My” and activate it there by navigating. In addition, if you’re using Find My iPhone to find a phone, enable “share my location.”

ConclusionHow to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

The position of a mobile phone may be determined using a variety of techniques. Application use is the most common. The availability of several free smartphone location trackers is a blessing. Some are geared toward tracking, while others are also parental control programmes. These programmes, in my opinion, are the greatest for locating people because of their delicacy. Why wait to get a parental control app?

Concerning Free Cell Phone Location Tracking, questions and solutions

1. How can I track the location of my cell phone for free?

There are several choices. Using a GPS tracker, a parental control software, the device’s IMEI, or their phone number. The IMEI number is helpful if you know it, which is tricky. It is challenging to remember or hold onto fifteen digits. Using parental control software that is active in stealth mode is the most efficient strategy.

2. Can You Find Out Someone’s Location By Their Phone Number?

You certainly can. It is possible since service providers currently carry out that. The mobile phone tower marks the location when a call is answered. Additionally, you may visit websites that track phone numbers. Wait for the location to show up after entering the number. There have been several websites examined, however they all just show the registered location or nothing at all.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

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