Lord of the Ring

True trilogy of Lord of the Ring

Lord of the Ring
It begins with the fellowship of the ring at the shire a beautiful place and home of the hobbits. There is peaceful folk who love food and do not go on adventures except Bilbo Baggins. They went on a grand adventure in the hobbit with his wizard friend Gandalf the gray. It’s bilbo’s birthday and during his speech, he pulls a prank and disappears yes during his adventure he found a magic ring that turns him invisible but there’s something weird with the ring. It’s very hard to give up but he manages to do it and goes off to retire and so the ring passes to his nephew Frodo now gets off suspicious so he throws the ring in the fire which reveals the secret engraving and it’s very bad news. One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them yeah way back in the day they made a bunch of rings of power but the dark lord Sauron forged in secret a master ring to rule them all and like almost conquered the world with it but the human king got a lucky shot and cut the ring off his finger. Because he poured his life force into it that killed him but Sauron can’t truly die until the ring is destroyed. He had this chance to do it but the ring corrupts anyone who has it so he decided to keep it to himself after that, the ring was lost for a thousand years. Until by chance the creature Gollum picked it up more on him later, and there is Gollum’s cave is where during the hobbit bilbo baggins picked it up not knowing how important it was so now Sauron’s woken up and is hunting for the ring they gotta get it out of here but Gandalf can’t take it. He’s too strong it would corrupt him immediately it has to be Frodo Baggins a nice incorruptible hobbit to carry it and he gets a partner because his best friend slash gardener Samwise Ramji was eavesdropping and heard the whole thing so as Gandalf rides off to do important wizard business. Frodo and Sam set off on an adventure turn out adventures are mostly just walking like a comically large amount of walking pretty soon they’re joined by two more hobbits the goofsters mary and Pippen but this adventure’s not all fun and games they’re being hunted by the mysterious black riders. They get to the prancing pony where they’re supposed to beat Gandalf but Gandalf isn’t here there is someone here watching them looking super cool sitting in the corner. The mysterious ranger strider that night Freddo accidentally puts the ring on which makes him invisible
except to Sauron and now the black riders know where he is strider grabs him but turns out. He’s a good guy and he explains the black riders are the Nazgul the nine men who had their own rings of power but are now bound to Sauron’s will as ring rates that night. When they come to kill the hobbit strider fools them with the old pillow trick and now he’s going to lead our group on the next phase of walking but hobbits aren’t used to this much walking they already stopped for one breakfast. Yes! but what about a second breakfast soon the task will find him and give Frodo a nasty stab but strider busts in there go into beast mode and scare him off. Frodo’s in bad shape now but someone comes to rescue him it’s the elf Arwen who is incidentally strider’s girlfriend. She rides Frodo out of there
and crosses the river just ahead of the Nazgul if you want him to come and claim him but boom she unleashes the river power and washes the Nas ghoul away. They’re out of commission for a bit so Frodo’s healed. He wakes up in a nice comfy bed where Gandalf’s here nice of you to join us. He went to see his wizard boss Sorum on the white but turns out Saruman’s turned evil. We must join with Sauron they have a wizard’s battle but Soroman wins and traps us again off on the top of his tower. Eventually, Gandalf found a moth cellphone and called an uber from the eagles, and flew on out of there. So they made it to Rivendell home of the elves but lord Elrond has bad news Sauron’s too
strong the ring cannot stay here so they hold a big council to decide what to do with it. The human
Boromir of Gondor is like yo this is awesome let’s use it against Sauron but you can’t do that the ring is super evil the ring answers to Sauron alone it’s like waiting for bro. Who even is you and strider’s elf friend leg loss drops the truth bomb his real name is Aragorn and he’s the long-lost descendant of the ancient line of kings heir to the throne of Gondor. Now it’s like look the ring must be destroyed so the dwarf Gimli is like what are we waiting for blam nope it’s not going to be that easy the ring was forged in mount doom. Only there can it be unmade it must be taken deep into Mordor and cast back into the fires from once it came but that’s a tall order one does not simply walk into Mordor. Everyone’s arguing about who should carry it and Frodo Baggins realizes his adventure is just getting started he volunteers airbornes like you have my sword Legolas and my bow Gimli and my ax and Boromir’s coming too. Although he also fights with the sword so he can’t really say that again and Samwise gamgee’s sticking around too as well as mary and pippin who are questionably useful and now the fellowship of the ring has assembled. They set off for a lot more walking but not just normal walking super epic walking. When the music swells you know this shot is oh so good Gimlin is a shortcut through the dwarven mines of moria but when they get
inside they realize this is not mine. It is a tomb because all the dwarves have been killed pretty soon Gandalf gets lost I have no memory of this place and there they realize someone’s following them it’s Gollum but more on him later than as they’re reading about what happened. Here pippin knocks this thing into the well which makes the loudest noise ever and now the orcs know they’re here so it’s time for an epic fight scene. It’s not just orcs they have a cave
troll pretty soon they’re surrounded but wait what’s this coming that scares all the orcs of the dwarves dealt too greedily and too deep they awoke a demon of the ancient world. The balrog as they flee across this unreasonably narrow bridge Gandalf stops to 1v1 this thing you shall not pass and indeed boom the bridge crumbles under the balrog and he falls down. But with his fire whip oh gets Gandalf’s foot fly you fools and Gandalf falls into the abyss
but the adventure goes on next up in the woods. Where a bunch of elves lives led by the shiniest elf yet lady Galadriel long story short gives Frodo a jug of shiny water and then lends the fellowship. Some canoes so they get to take a break from walking for a while and just cruise but when Frodo goes to stretch his legs he runs into Boromir and the ring’s gotten to him. He tries to take it Rudolph manages to escape but then he runs into Aragorn it’s like Frodo I swore to protect you. Can you protect me from yourself so they realize the fellowship’s not gonna work Frodo has to go on his own? Meanwhile, Saruman’s been busy building an army worthy of the border and he’s not
just using normal little orcs. He’s crossbred these big ass buff forks who do you serve sorum on they catch up with our fellowship and it’s time for another epic orc fight mary and Pippen are in some trouble. Boromir comes to the rescue to redeem himself from betraying Frodo’s boss’s work with the bow and arrow hits Boromir but he’s such a badass he gets up and keeps on fighting.  After two more arrows though he’s finally done so mary and Pippen are captured and sean bean does what sean bean does best and gets an epic death scene. Meanwhile, Frodo’s going to Mordor alone but sam’s not letting that happen of course you are and I’m coming with you these two hug it out
it’s an epic bromance next up are the two towers named for saramon’s tower of Isengard, and Sauron’s tower itself down in Mordor Frodo and sam continue walking. But pretty soon they realize they don’t know where they’re going luckily someone who doesn’t know the way is sneaking in it’s Gollum. He’s fully obsessed with the ring he calls it his precious and he’s here to get it back from the hobbits. Who stole it but the hobbits just get the jump on him and he promises to be nice so it’s like look you’re gonna lead us to Mordor but at the black gate they realize Boromir
was right one does not simply walk into Mordor but Gollum knows a secret entrance. Now Gollum wasn’t
always this disgusting he used to be a kind of normal guy named eagle and he’s got sort of a split personality thing going the nice Smeagol and evil Gollum and for a while, eagle wins out. He’s having a good time with the hobbits learning about potatoes as for Aragorn and friends the fellowship may be broken but they can still save mary and pippin so they’re not walking they’re running. When the orcs stop for dinner they’re sad because they have no meat but they kill one of their own looks like meat’s back on the menu boys in the cast the hobbits try to escape. Now a bunch of horsemen riding in they are the riders of Rohan and bad news they’re banished because the king is currently possessed by Sauron but good news they killed all the orcs. But more bad news they probably killed the hobbits too but Aragorn’s master tracker realizes the hobbits survived and made their way to Fangorn forest. Inside they’re ambushed by the white wizard no it’s Saruman but wait that’s not Salomon it’s Gandalf turns out. He and the balrog had an epic fight until finally Gandalf won and smote his ruin upon the mount inside Gandalf did die though.
He’s not fully human and was immediately reincarnated not as Gandalf the grey but as Gandalf the white as for Marion pippin. They make friends with Treebeard the ant and they call the ant moot to decide if the ants will join the war but it takes them the whole movie because the ants talk really slow so our gang rides to Rohan where the super old king is clearly possessed. Gandalf tries to break the spell but it’s like you have no power here Gandalf the grey but it’s like you bro.

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