Mafioso (1962) Hollywood Movie

Shy Girl Falls in Love with the biggest Gangster

Mafioso (1962) Hollywood Movie

This story begins with girls sitting in a classroom, where the teacher angrily picks out a few students. She calls them name by name and put them in one line. When the teacher asks a girl some questions, she is helped by her friend, whose name was Babi. It does not take too long that her to get caught. On the other hand, We see lots of Hussle at night with lots of bikes, girls, and boys. This is Babi’s parents and This is her sister. This is Hugo Olivera. He is a very popular guy around the town and is known for being brave and handsome. He is indulged in competition with other guys. Hugo is the only one who wins the pullup competition and makes his mates happy. Meanwhile, Babi is greeted by her friends and they all start to dance and celebrate. Right after he is invited to a so-called rich people’s party and they all decide to join. A guy from the party looks interested in Babi, where he approaches her and calls her beautiful. He used to date her in the past and look for forgiveness, but she does not seem too interested in her. All the gang decides to just come in into the party and ruin the peace. Hugo’s eye catches Babi and her ex-boyfriend, which makes him smile. One of the guys from the party was stealing from a purse, suddenly A girl arrives and caught him red-handed. She does not mind him taking 50 euros from her purse, but when he tells her to go on lunch, she gets angry at him and walks away. Hugo walks up to Babi and proceed to talk to her about the incident last time. He once called her by a bad name and made her uncomfortable. He continues to call her the same name and she reacts by throwing the drink at him. When her ex laughs, Hugo ends up pushing him and breaking the table. He picks Babi up on his shoulders and starts to walk outside. Hugo throws her inside the swimming pool, while, his friends are fighting off guys inside the party. The guy ends up calling the cops and they leave, but not before Hugo tells her that they will bathe together next time. Babi also cannot escape because her dress is very revealing due to water. later when Babi and the guy were leaving, He reveals that it was all a setup by him,
to get to spend some time with her. But little did he know that this trick of his would not work, since all of them came back to destroy the guy’s car. The guy ends up hitting one of their gang members, who was being followed by Hugo. He does not waste more time and starts to teach him a lesson. while Babi starts calling people to get some help. An old man tried to help, but this does not go too well for him, so they also leave.
at last, Babi does not have any choice but to take it into her own hands and she grabs Hugo from the back.
Taking his chance the guy takes his car and leaves Babi behind. Hugo teases her for a good minute until she asks for a ride from an unknown guy, who looks very sketchy. Seeing this Hugo shut him away. He finally gives her a ride and When she reaches home, she is met by her mother. He reveals what actually happened.
inside the car, Her sister reveals that This is Hugo, also known as Hero around the Town. The next day Hugo wakes up in the morning and manages to steal some money from his brother. Who also remind him of dinner with their dad before he leaves. Babi’s friend Katina sees Hugo and his friend and calls him out for stealing her allowance. She complains to him for stealing the money from Hugo, but he could not care less. It looks like Katina is happy to go on lunch with the guy. Hugo also expects her to invite him to a nice place, but she is annoyed by him and leaves. Hugo later joins his father for dinner and gets to know that his brother is late and
his mother is on a trip with a friend. He goes inside his old room and starts to imagine all the past scenarios.
Hugo used to be a brilliant student, But something happened in his life that changed his personality and he moved with his brother. Babi is upset that yesterday she dumped her and went away with the unknown guy.
She thinks that he is poor, hence needed money and she is again going out with him. At home, Babi’s parents are angry at her because One of the guys got really bad injuries. So they are reporting the guy who was with her last night. She reveals his name in the end. Her sister thinks since she revealed Hugo’s name, she is in big trouble. Babi gets a call from Katina’s mother for some reason and decides to go on a local race, where she is present. Hogu arrives and again starts to tease her. She reveals to him that she told her parents that he is the one to break the guy’s nose at the party. His friend is afraid, he might go to jail for it. But Hugo isn’t worried, because he thinks when the day of the court will come, she will do anything to save him because she will be so crazy right after they have a weird race in which they will have to put their girls on the back, meanwhile they will race. She sits on an unknown bike with another man. They race for quite a while and in the end, one girl gets injured and all the cops come and arrest everyone. Before escaping from there, one cop is able to take their picture. She hides and waits for Hugo to come and he picks her up later on, but not before giving her his jacket and changing her clothes, while he watches her doing that. Later before leaving he tries to kiss her and ask if she will still tell about him in court and she again says yes and slaps him. Hugo’s brother sees his and Babi’s pictures in the newspaper and seems worried. The next day, Hugo Sneaks through her room window and puts a big poster and her and his picture, So when she wakes up it reminds her of him. She is really happy to see this and It seems like she is falling in love with him. She decides to see Hugo once again at a party. Babi goes to the party and starts to dance, whereas Hugo arrives right after and touches her hand. She arrives back home after some time. Her mother caught her red-handed this time and gets to know that she drank a little. She gets slapped by her mother before leaving for bed. Babi gets a call from Hugo, where he asks that he wants to see her. He asks what they will do tomorrow, to which she is willing to go anywhere. The next day, Babi is waiting for Hugo outside of her school. He picks her up, which was being watched by her teacher.
While they were cruising around, Hugo sees a man with his mother inside a car. He starts to recall the memory, of where his mother left and he later found out a man and her mother in a revealing position. He could not resist his anger and ended up beating the man brutally. He start to beat metal with his hands because he could not believe his mother could do something like this and this was the beginning of the bad guy. Babi hugs him and tries to calm him down. later he reveals that his father and brother believe that his mother is on a trip with her friend. There they have lots of romantic moments before they leave back for the town. She starts to spend more time with Hugo and his biker gang. Hugo’s side girl comes and starts to trouble Babi a lot and they both start to fight. Hugo and his mates come in the way and Hugo takes her away. He assures her that he will never cheat on her. He takes her to a tattoo shop and she happily gets a tattoo. Hugo comes to his house and finds Babi’s father. Where He wants to talk to Hugo about something. Hugo explains to Babi’s father that she is easing him up and there is nothing to worry about. When his brother tries to tell him that his actions will end him in jail, he accidentally acted a bit too aggressively. At school, the teacher explains that she can get expelled from the school because she signed the absent leave letter herself. Her mother picks her up and pays an 8000 euro fine to save her from being expelled. She tells everything to Hugo and he comes into her room through her window. He takes her to an empty pool at night and they have a great time. One day, Hugo goes to Babi’s school and talks to the teacher, and tells her to stop and not give her any trouble in the future. She asks her father a favor and he happily lets her go and decides to handle her mother. Hugo takes her somewhere far from the town. They go to an old house with a beautiful spot and there they have lots of quality time, until the next morning. The next day again when Babi and Hugo were having quality moments, his friend arrives with all his friends and starts to party. Seeing this Babi got very angry and throw everyone away including Hugo. Hugo did something that amazed her with wonders and wrote on a building that he loves her. He later learns how to make good food, just for Babi. He calls her and gets to know that her mother’s ring had been missing since their friends were at her house. This was enough to make him super angry. He goes up to his gang mates and Starts to fight with the leader until the girl gives him the missing ring. Hugo goes back to Babi’s house and returns the ring. Seeing him injured, she could not resist taking care of his injuries. It is the court date and she is being asked of what happened that night. Before leaving with Hugo, Babi scolds her mother and makes her cry. Hugo also assures her that he will change for her. Her mother decides to throw a party because Babi is turning 18 soon. She also goes away to gift her teacher, but sees pepita there and realizes that Hugo was the one who abducted pepita earlier and she runs away from there. Soon Babi arrives at Hugo’s apartment and wants to talk. Babi scolds him and decides to separate from him. It is party day and Babi is getting ready, meanwhile, Hugo is still thinking about her. Hugo’s friend is again going on the race, but Hugo is nowhere to be found. He finally arrives at Babi’s party and it seems like he had finally changed for her. She was stunned to see him change. They slowly come closer and start to kiss each other. Meanwhile, His friend is on the verge to win the race and it does not take too long that His friend meets with an accident. They get to know about his friend not so soon after. He gets to know that Pollo is no more. Seeing this Hugo starts to cry brutally. Babi could not take this anymore and just want to leave. This ends in a disaster because He slaps Babi before she leaves.

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