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Most Popular Online Earning Apps Available on Google Play Store for iOS and Android



People in today’s digital era are looking for extra ways to earn extra income, and mobile apps have made this easier than ever. There is a wealth of online earning apps available on both iOS and Android devices which enable individuals to easily make extra cash when they have the time. We will discuss some of the most popular online earning apps so that you can generate income right from your palm of your hand.


Making money was once limited to traditional employment or physical businesses; but smartphones and mobile apps have completely revolutionized the way we can earn money. Online earning apps provide individuals with opportunities to utilize their skills, time, and creativity to generate revenue – from taking surveys or micro tasks through to participating in freelance work or cashback rewards programs – with online earning apps providing numerous options.

Understanding Earning Apps

Earning apps are mobile applications that enable users to generate revenue by performing specific tasks or engaging in specific activities, often connecting users with businesses and individuals who need specific services like market research, app testing or content creation. Users who complete these tasks or participate in specific activities are then compensated through direct monetary rewards or gift cards – or other forms of virtual currency such as virtual gift cards.

Criteria for Selecting Online Earning Apps

When selecting online earning apps, it is crucial to keep certain criteria in mind in order to have an enjoyable experience. Here are a few key criteria you should keep in mind:

Legitimacy: Before diving into any app, it’s crucial to do your research on its legitimacy. Check reviews from users and ratings agencies as well as explore its background to ensure it is a reputable platform.
Earning Potential: When selecting an app for development, assess its earning potential by considering apps with reasonable returns for time and effort invested.
Payment Options: Investigate what payment options are provided by the app, such as PayPal, direct bank transfers or gift cards.
User Experience: Consider the overall user experience when selecting an app. Look for apps with intuitive interfaces, clear instructions and responsive customer support services.
Security: Make sure the app prioritizes user data security and privacy, looking for apps with strong protection measures to secure your personal information.

Advantages of Online Earning Apps

Most Popular Online Earning Apps Available on Google Play Store for iOS and Android

Online earning apps offer: flexibility that makes them ideal for individuals with other commitments or simply those looking for additional ways to generate extra income in their spare time.
Low Barrier to Entry: Online earning apps usually have low barriers to entry, making it possible for anyone without extensive qualifications or experience to sign up and start making money quickly and easily.
Diverse Opportunities: Apps provide diverse earning opportunities that match different skills and interests. From taking surveys, testing apps or providing freelance services there’s sure to be something suitable.
Supplemental Income: Online earning apps provide users with an additional source of earnings to supplement their existing income stream. While they might not replace full-time jobs entirely, they can provide valuable extra earnings opportunities.
Skill Development: Engaging with online earning apps often entails performing tasks that help build new skills, which can be immensely helpful to individuals looking to enhance their knowledge or explore different fields.

The Top 5 Popular online Money Earning Apps that Make You the Most Money

1. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of my favorite online earning apps because you get cash back for things you were already planning to buy anyway, simply by making purchases through their app. Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending customers their way, which Rakuten then shares with you so both parties win!

I’ve earned over $500 through Rakuten shopping online and referring friends. When I need something that won’t arrive instantly, I purchase it online (if shipping is free) in order to take advantage of Rakuten perks and maximize savings.

My check for $265 arrived this afternoon! This Android app for making money has now come to IOS as well!

Signing up through my link with Rakuten can earn you $30 when spending at least $30 online.

Why We Chose Rakuten

With Rakuten (formerly Ebates), users can shop with coupons available only through Rakuten; compare prices online; scan items to compare costs; and even earn cash back on certain purchases from retailers such as Macy’s, Marriott and Sephora! You can shop via their mobile app or browser extension.

How it Works: After signing up for a free account, download either an app or extension to start shopping with Rakuten and achieving cash back through one of its 3,500+ eligible retailers. When making your purchases through either app/extension you’ll get a percentage rebate in exchange.

Cash back usually ranges between 1% and 2% on purchases, though some purchases could earn as much as 10% depending on what you buy. You could even earn extra cash back by signing up for the Rakuten credit card; new users will even earn a $10 welcome bonus as long as they make at least $25 eligible purchases within 90 days of signing up!

Payouts are issued every three months if you earn at least $5.01 in cash back. Funds can either be received electronically via PayPal or physically in the mail.

2. Ibotta

This app gives you cashback for items you normally purchase – I absolutely adore it.

Here’s How It Works:
Before shopping, download the Ibotta App and add offers on items you are likely to purchase anyway. Once at any participating store, purchase those selected products – don’t forget your receipt!
Claim your offers by snapping a picture of your receipt. Ibotta will match what you purchased with what offers were selected, giving you cashback! Your cash will arrive back into your Ibotta account within 48 hours!

So far I’ve made $105.53 through shopping and referrals! If you invite friends to sign up they get $10 while you receive $5!

Why We Chose It

Ibotta is another app that gives you the chance to earn cash back on both in-person and online purchases. Like its rivals, all it requires to begin earning is creating a free account and downloading their app or browser extension to earn money back.

Once registered, there are three ways you can start earning cash back: upload your receipt when purchasing eligible items; link a store loyalty card prior to shopping for access to special offers; or make purchases via the ibotta app or website from eligible stores. Users may even earn additional money back by purchasing gift cards or inviting friends.

One disadvantage of ibotta is completing tasks within its app to take advantage of its money-saving tools, though this shouldn’t take too much of your time or be an impediment to productivity. You must upload receipts manually as only 300 retailers qualify – although once cash has been deposited directly into your ibotta account and you withdraw it- no waiting on checks needed!


Ita popular app in Pakistan, allows people to make money online through simple tasks such as watching videos and reading news stories; sharing this with their friends; or telling others about it.

Features: This app offers users a selection of games and quizzes they can play to earn extra money, or by sharing their referral code with friends; when these friends sign up and use the app themselves, both users will receive bonuses as rewards.

Earning Potential: RozDhan offers users an exceptional earning potential that depends on how actively they use it.

Payment Options: Users have two payment options to cash out their earnings – PayPal or Paytm.


CashPirate is a fun and simple app that pays users for downloading and trying out new apps. The app also has a referral program that allows users to earn even more money by referring friends.

Features: CashPirate is easy to use, and users can earn money by downloading and trying out new apps. The app also has a referral program that allows users to earn extra money by inviting friends to join.

Earning Potential: CashPirate provides a moderate earning potential for users, and the amount of money that can be earned depends on the number of apps a user downloads and the frequency with which they use the app.

Payment Options: Users can cash out their earnings through PayPal or Paytm.


With a 4.6 rating and 1700+ reviews On Trustpilot, Zareklamy is the best online earning game in Pakistan that allows users to earn money by completing simple tasks such as watching videos, completing surveys, and playing games.

With over 5 million downloads, Zareklamy is a popular choice for earning money in Pakistan. It is a free earning app in Pakistan that provides various ways to monetize your participation.

On Zareklmy, the minimum amount you can withdraw is $25. You can withdraw your payment by Payoneer, Paypal, and Bank Transfer.

Which app is best for online earning in Pakistan?

There are many popular apps for online earning in Pakistan. But if you want to play games and earn money in Pakistan its not so easy as seen. It takes a lot of time to make one dollar a withdraw it


Making money using apps may seem easy, but it is far from effortless. Earning just one dollar takes an inordinately long time compared to when people can withdraw it later on. Most people struggle to gain money quickly through playing these games and soon enough don’t become wealthy from doing it alone. People search online in Pakistan without investment so that they don’t need to travel anywhere or invest any capital before earning online cash without any outside help . Mobilsely discussed this topic extensively here.


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