Movies that are Pure Art of Indian Cinema

Top 9 Bollywood Movies

Movies that are Pure Art of Indian Cinema

Bollywood is the largest producer of films on the entire planet. Yet, some of its production has remarkably low originality. Either it is an official remake or an act of plagiarism. A completely original and pure film is seldom event in Indian Cinema. So, on this occasion, let’s recall 9 such films, which are not based, remade, adapted, copied, or inspired from any book, true incidents, any movie, or other documents, but are a complete effort of writers, directors and pure work of fiction from creators.  Movies that are based on any book like 3 idiots, true incidents like ‘The attacks of 26/11, or any other movie or clip like Andhadhun are not allowed on the list. Also, movies that are bold inspiration aren’t allowed. Bold Inspiration is when a movie script is not completely based, but inspired by true events or any other documentary or story; for eg. Super 30. While Movies with Slight inspiration are when a true incident inspires an artist to write a script; after that, the entire script is dependent on the writer’s creativity. Hence, these kinds of movies are allowed on the list.

1) A Wednesday (2008)
This film falls under the banner of slight inspiration. Its director Neeraj Pandey, who himself wrote this puzzling tale, was inspired to write after the ghastly incident of Mumbai train blasts in July 2006. Not only the script but also the direction and the character arc built by Neeraj Pandey is a pure work of genius. After a lot of research, I can finally state that ” A Wednesday has the most creative and original hand-written story”.
2) Andaz Apna-Apna (1994)
Even though the movie is basically regarded as the remake of a Telugu film (which is quite difficult to pronounce), still it is a pure piece of art. Both movies have completely irrelevant concepts and stories. The only similarity in the plot is the idea of switching characters, but in the Telugu classic, it was the two male lead characters exchanging their identity, while in Andaz Apna-Apna it was the female characters. Developing a humorous script is often difficult, especially designing iconic characters like Teja and Crime Master. Hence, it definitely deserves to be on this list.
3) Kaun (1999)
Creating a plot twist horror thriller with a unique and self-invented style of film-making is quite a rare incident in Bollywood and it was Ram Gopal Verma who made this possible. There are not more than 4 people in this entire
the film, that’s the most interesting part that we never see in our Indian Cinematic culture, where a movie’s originality is shadowed by numerous superstars and their stardom.
4) Khosla ka Ghosla (2006)
As it is the debut film of Dibakar Banerjee, one of the noble directors in India, he absolutely had no idea of the Plagiaristic Bollywood Culture; So, he made an innocent, grounded, and fresh story in the year 2006. The Concept is thought-provoking and eye-catching, based on a middle-class family in South Delhi.
5) Gol Maal (1979)
As I already said “Humorous script requires thoughtfulness”, same goes with 80’s cult classic Gol Maal. It gets even harder while making a Sensible Comedy. But not for Hrishikesh Mukherjee; not at all. The movie was simple, yet captivating and was 100 % original. And the Originality increases when you have Music directors like R.D Burman and natural actors like Amol Palekar and Utpal Dutt.
6) Newton (2017)
If writing humor is burdensome, then writing satire is just another level. In 2017, Newton unexpectedly came out of nowhere, the public didn’t expect such content, its idea was ‘out of the box.
7) Mera Naam joker (1970)
Raj Kapoor recalls this movie as the most effortful and inspirational work in his career. Though it’s criticized for its lengthy run-time of 4h $ 15m, yet every second of this film is pure imagination and that’s what actually
8) Jab we met (2007)
Imtiaz Ali, the director, and writer of the film revealed in one of his videos about the real inspiration behind making Jab We Met. It was simply due to his saddened friend. His friend only helped him click on the idea and the
remaining was his self-experience. Like he himself used to travel in Rajdhani Express during his days of struggle.
9) Pyaasa
The 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.5 on IMDb, itself tells us about its purity. The reason for it being on the list is not only due to its script or direction but also due to the exceptional Music Album, made in collaboration with S.D Burman and singers like Mohd Rafi. Before ending the video, I would like to present some movies, which might be highly expected by the viewers, but couldn’t make it to the list due to tiny reasons:- Taare Zameen Par (As it is inspired by a Biography ‘Thank you, Mr.Falker) Sholay (As it is a copy of the American film The Magnificient Seven, which is itself a remake of a Japanese classic ‘Seven Samurai’) Aparichit (As it had some copied action sequences
from Hollywood movies and the plot was slightly copied from a novel) Andhadhun (As the plot was mostly inspired by a French short film Piano tuner) Anand (AS it was accused as an inspiration for the Japanese film Ikiru ) Padosan (As it was a remake of a Bengali Short Story).

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