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Muhammad Ali Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, and More!



Muhammad Ali was an American professional Boxer, Activist, Entertainer, Poet, and Philanthropist. He is widely considered as one of the Greatest Sportsperson of all time. He has a nickname of ” The Greatest“. He is one of the most significant and celebrated sports figure of the 20th Century. He is ranked as the Greatest Heavyweight boxer of all time. Find Minecraft Expert Quiz Answers on this quiz site.

Muhammad Ali’s Biography and more!

Muhammad Ali born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. was born on Januray 17th, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. He won Gold Medal at the age of 18 in the light Heavyweight division at 1960 Summer Olympics. He became professional in 1961 and turned Muslim that year. In 1964, he won the world Heavyweight Championship from Sonny liston and same year he reanouned his birth name as a” slave name ” and changed his name to ” Muhammad Ali “.

Ali was a brutual fighter. He fighted against many great boxers in his career like Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazier(also known as the Fight of the Century), George Foreman, Ken Norton and Bob Foster. Ali played 61 matches in his career in which he won 56 of them and lost only 5. He won 37 games by KO. His first loss was against Joe Frazier when he was 31 games Unbeaten. This Fight was also Known as the Fight of the Century. His second lost was against Ken Norton in 1973 when his career stats was 41-1. He lost 3 games in his last 4 career games against Leon Spinks, Larry Holmes and Trevor Berbick. His career stats was 56-5.

Ali’s fights were on of the World’s most watched television broadcasts. His fights had more than 10 Billion viewrships across the world in his career. Ali has won WBA Heavyweight Championship for 4 times and WBC Heavyweight Championship for 2 times. He won The Ring Heavyweight Championship for 3 times. In 1999, he was named Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated and Sports Personality of the Century by BBC.

Ali retired from professional boxing in 1981. He also enrolled in acting,artist, activist and poetry. He uses his words as a poetic rymthic sounds. He was a great personality. He raises his voice against racism around the world also for Black community in Africas and all around the World. He was a Leader. He was a true Legend. Ali died at the age of 74 on June 03, 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S. He will always remembers as The Greatest.


74 years

Zodiac Sign



Januray 17th, 1942


Louisville, Kentucky, U.S




Retired Boxer, Activist, Entertainer, Poet, and Philanthropist

Muhammad Ali’s Height & Weight

Muhammad Ali has a good and impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches or 1.91 meters. He weighs around 107 Kg or 235 Pounds.

Physical Appearance


6 ft 3 inch or 1.91 metres


107 kg or 234 Pounds

Eye Color


Hair Color


Muhammad Ali’s Net Worth

Muhammad Ali’s Net Worth was $50 million at the time of his death. He was one of the highest paid boxers at his prime days.

Muhammad Ali's Net Worth

Net Worth in 2022

$50 million

Source of Income

Sportperson, Philanthropist

Muhammad Ali has over 5 million followers on Instagram and has over 11 million followers on Facebook.

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