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The full name of Tom Hardy is Edward Thomas Hardy. His nickname is Tom. He is 44 years old. His date of birth is September 15, 1977. His place of birth is Hammersmith London United Kingdom. His Horoscope is Virgo. His nationality is British is not known. His profession is an actor. He stands at 1.75 meters tall. He weighs 76 kilograms. His hair color is dark brown. His eye color is Hazel Gray. His net worth is 45 million dollars. He attended Reed’s school tower House School. First time Richmond drama school drama center London. His hobbies and interest include watching comedy shows, Camping, Superheroes, Reading books to dream believe in strength now I’m the only one. His favorite beverages include Tea, Scream my mind, Red bull, and coca-cola. His favorite food is seafood. Some of his favorite destinations include London, Italy. His favorite actor is Gary Oldman. Some of his relationships include Sarah ward Linda park Rachel’s speed charlotte, and Riley. His father is Edward chip’s party will it break. His wife, 37-year-old actress Charlotte Riley.  Recently they welcomed a new baby. Hardy and Riley were last spotted at the London premiere of her film on July 4 and weeks before. Hardy and Riley met on the set of a British television adaptation, became engaged in 2010, and quietly tied the knot in 2014. “He’s great around the house. We do designate things. I love recycling. He’s good at making the bed. It works brilliantly,” Riley told in May 2015. And when the pair welcomed their child in October 2015, Hardy told that the beginning of his little one’s life was rough on his sleep schedule. Net Worth of Tom Hardy

Some movies by Tom Hardy are famous. He’s famous for “Dunkirk”, “Warrior” and “The Revenant”. A quirky comedy-drama centered on the stories of seven different couples, “Scenes of a Sexual Nature” sees Hardy play Noel, a lonely, down-on-his-luck type, seeking female companionship, on a sunny day at Hampstead Heath. While the film was made with an extremely low budget, it boasts an exceptional ensemble cast, including Ewan McGregor, Andrew Lincoln, and Sophie Okonedo – but Hardy definitely holds his own. He partners with Okonedo mostly, but the narrative frequently flits between characters, building small, satisfying bridges between one couple and the next.
2015 was a big year for Hardy, with “Mad Max”, “Legend” and “The Revenant” all released within twelve months but in amongst the blockbusters, there was this brilliant Brit flick. A musical drama adapted from the stage and based on real-life events, the film focuses on the gruesome Steve Wright serial killings, in Ipswich in 2006. With words and lyrics directly lifted from interviews at the time, “London Road” sees Hardy plays a cab driver coming to terms with the killings. Hardy’s quite accustomed to gripping crime dramas, but this went under the radar more than most. Written by Dennis Lehane, the author who inspired Clint Eastwood’s “Mystic River” and Ben Affleck’s “Gone, Baby, Gone”, and “The Drop” also feature James Gandolfini’s final big-screen role. Hardy plays Bob Saginowski, a bartender in a Brooklyn bar owned by the Chechen mafia. But when the place is robbed, the gangsters demand their money back, and Bob gets caught between the mob and the police investigating the case.
A film focused entirely on one man in his car. Hardy plays Ivan, the only character to appear on screen, as his life gets thrown into chaos. while on a routine drive home to his family. And the story unfolds through a series of phone calls, as Ivan tries to organize his private, personal and professional affairs while en route to London. Hardy gives one of his most lauded performances here, including an interesting and unexpected take on the Welsh accent. As Today’s list has proven, Hardy has a penchant for portraying edgy, difficult, and complex characters – and here’s a prime example. A BBC/HBO TV film, “A Life Backwards” is based on the biography of Stuart Shorter, written by Shorter’s unlikely friend, Alexander Masters. It follows the life of a troubled, homeless man – with Hardy playing the eponymous role, and Benedict Cumberbatch starring as his eventual biographer.

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