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Padmaavati Full Bollywood Movie
The Bollywood movie Padmaavat is about Queen Padmavati who is happily married to the Rajput ruler Ratan Singh. Until Alauddin Khilji enters their life and calls a war on their Kingdom due to his obsession with the queen. In13th century in Afghanistan, Jalaluddin Khilji of the Khilji dynasty makes a plan to seize the Throne of Delhi. In return for supplying him with an ostrich, His nephew Alauddin Khilji asks him for his daughter Mehrunisaa‘s hand at the wedding. Meanwhile, a Rajput ruler of Chittorgarh Maharawal Ratan Singh travels to Sinhala to acquire rear pearls for his first wife Nagmati. Sinhala‘s princess Padmavati unknowingly wounds Ratan Singh while hunting a deer. The two fall in love and are married. Jalaluddin seizes Delhi’s throne and permits Alauddin to repel a Mongol invasion of Delhi. Alauddin undertakes an unsanctioned raid on Devagiri. Alauddin brings the treasured loot from Devagiri and the queen there to Kara. Now, as soon as Jalaluddin came to know that Alauddin is in Kara he reaches Kara with his Guards. He also takes a Slave named (Malik Kafur) for Alauddin as a gift. Alauddin asks the Malik Kafur what he can do for him, then he says he can kill anyone and give his life for him. Then Alauddin orders him to kill King both Wazir and stuns everyone by killing both of them then Alauddin also kills King Jalaluddin with the help of his soldier and himself becomes the king of Delhi. Padmavati Journeys to Chittorgarh with Ratan Singh but she is lusted by Ratan Singh’s Royal priest Raghav Chetan. Chetan is caught watching Ratan Singh and Padmavati when they kiss and is thrown out of the kingdom. He warns everyone to destroy his Kingdom for this. Now Raghav Chetan started plotting Revenge. He went to Delhi and took Refuge in the court of Alauddin Khilji. As he gained Alauddin’s trust he began singing the praise of queen Padmavati’s beauty, thus invoking the Sultan’s curiosity intrigued by the descriptions of Padmavati’s inciting beauty. Alauddin invites Ratan Singh with his wife Padmavati to Delhi but Ratan Singh rejects the invitation, so Alauddin Marched to Chittorgarh with his soldier and set up camp outside the Fort. After many unsuccessful attempts to seize Chittorgarh, Alauddin sends a message in Chittorgarh for peace and he also asks Ratan Singh to give him permission to visit Chittorgarh as a guest before he returned to Delhi, but Ratan Singh replies that Alauddin will be allowed
to come only if he agrees to these conditions.

Condition no.1 – he has to come alone,
Condition no.2 – his Army must return to Delhi before his Chittorgarh arrives,                                      condition no.3 – he has to come unarmed.
Alauddin agrees to all these conditions and enters the Chittorgarh. After having dinner Alauddin requests Ratan Singh. He should match him with his family and the queen. This request made the king uncomfortable as Rajput’s custom did not allow women to meet strangers. After knowing his intentions, Ratan Singh threatens him and tells him that he is only alive because he is a guest but Ratan Singh knew that upsetting Alauddin would result in an attack. So, to save his Kingdom and his people he agreed that the Alauddin could see his queen. But Padmavati did not want to have a face-to-face meeting with Alauddin. So Mirrors were arranged in the palace in such a way that Alauddin could see the Queen’s reflection without the queen having to meet him in person. But with just one look at Padmavati’s reflection, the Sultan was so smitten by her beauty. He was so captivated that he make a decision that he would not leave without Padmavati. As they reached the end gate of the palace Alauddin invites Ratan Singh to his camp for lunch. As Ratan Singh arrives Alauddin sensed an opportunity and captured Ratan Singh. He then sent a message to Palace that if they wanted to see their King alive, Padmavati should accompany him to Delhi. That was when two loyal generals of the king – Gora and Badal devised a plan and sent a message to the Alauddin that Queen agrees. Only if these two conditions will be fulfilled, condition number one – Queen will come with her hundred maids, condition number two – before she starts walking they must send Raghav Chetan‘s head to the queen because all this was happening because of him. Alauddin agrees with both conditions. Meanwhile, Alauddin’s nephew attempts to assassinate him. Alauddin is bounded but defends himself. The next day over hundreds of palanquins made their way to Delhi and he was told that the queen was coming with her maids. while on the sultan’s frontiers, the Rajputs plan to ambush the khilji soldiers in the morning which is time for namaz. Padmavati frees Ratan Singh with the help of Mehrunisa. The khilji soldiers who are praying are alerted and attacked but are ambushed by the Rajputs disguised as women. The Rajput attack is repulsed with the ambushing Rajputs killed. Ratan Singh meets the injured Alauddin and challenges him to fight one-on-one after recovering. Alauddin imprisons Mehrunisa for helping the Rajputs and marched to Chittorgarh after recovery. He and Ratan Singh engage in a single duel, Alauddin is nearly defeated by Ratan Singh who is dishonorably killed by Khilji forces by being shot with arrows but berates Alauddin for fighting dishonorably before dying. War ensued and Chittorgarh fell. It soon became clear that Alauddin’s victory was inevitable. With their men fighting the enemy, the women of the palace chose to sacrifice their lives over a life of humiliation and ill-treatment at the hand of Alauddin. A huge pyre was lit and the queen and other ladies dressed up in their best clothes. They sang religious songs and prepared themselves to endure the pain as the flames engulfed their bodies. Queen Padmavati jumped first and the rest of the women followed her. The Khilji army succeeds in defeating the Rajputs and capturing Chittorgarh but is unable to capture the Rajput women who commit Jauhar with Padmavati.

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