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Proven Ways To Make Money Online in Pakistan without Proper Knowledge in 2023




Online money making opportunities have become an attractive prospect for individuals seeking financial independence and flexibility. Pakistan, with its increasing internet access and tech savvy population, presents numerous avenues for making substantial income online. we’ll examine proven strategies for making online income in Pakistan without needing specialist skills or prior knowledge. Proven Ways To Make Money Online in Pakistan without Proper Knowledge in 2023 are given below.

1.Create A Membership Site

Proven Ways To Make Money Online in Pakistan without Proper Knowledge in 2023

Create A Membership Site With Proven Revenue Potential: Successful websites can potentially earn upwards of $200K annually in revenue.

If your blog or website provides articles and how-to guides. Creating subscription plans could be the key to unlocking more revenue streams. Give subscribers or customers exclusive content while earning extra money!

What content types could help achieve this goal?

E-books, infographics and exclusive newsletters are great options. YouTubers could try creating backstage footage or Q&A sessions in order to engage more community members and expand their subscriber count.

Book riot provides a good example. This website caters specifically to book lovers, hosting an active community called Book Riot Insiders with three subscription plans offering exclusive content such as podcasts, new release emails, online courses or discounts on books.

Are You Searching for Membership Website Platforms?

Once you’ve established an appropriate platform and membership plans are in place, make your prices accessible for multiple subscribers so as to boost subscriptions.

2.Doing Voice-Overs

Proven Ways To Make Money Online in Pakistan without Proper Knowledge in 2023

Revenue Potential: According to Zip recruiter, entry-level voice actors could potentially earn anywhere from $13,500-$31,999 annually from voice acting work.

Voice-over work can be an exciting career path for individuals who love storytelling, singing and acting. All companies require samples of your voice-over work so they can assess if your style meets their specific goals.

Voice-over work could open many doors; commercials, demos, movie trailers and audiobooks might come calling! So if you possess an impressive and dynamic voice that loves creating worlds through spoken words and audiobooks – start practicing now so you never miss an opportunity!

Are You Starting Voice-Over Work? Here Are A Few Resources That Will Provide Inspiration:

Fiverr is your one-stop shop for professional voice talent! To prove your abilities as a narrator of a client’s story and use breathing techniques and warmup exercises successfully. Once hired, a high-quality microphone and recording software will ensure success.

3. Create A Podcast

Proven Ways To Make Money Online in Pakistan without Proper Knowledge in 2023

Revenue Potential for 10,000 Downloads per Episode can range between $500-900 depending on affiliate sales and audience support.

Podcasting can be an ideal medium for those with stories to tell that require specific expertise or journalistic flair, offering another avenue of storytelling and narration. If this describes you, create your own show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts and start publishing regularly!

Locate an idea or concept that inspires you, from music to yoga and well-being, and select topics that will appeal to your target audience. Be sure to monitor what’s already trending or any gaps that need filling – either solo or with guests who can bring additional value.

But how exactly do podcasters make money?

Generally, money from sponsorships, affiliate links and audience support through platforms like Patron is how most podcasters make a living from podcasting.

Once all the essential elements are in place, create a website or an RSS feed at existing websites to host and promote your podcast, before beginning promotion on social media for maximum traction.

Top Podcast Hosting Websites

If becoming a podcaster is your goal, here are a few hosting sites to get you started:

  • Buzz sprout
  • Captivate
  • Transistor

Check their features and pricing plans to identify the plan that meets your needs best.

4.Becoming A Twitch Streamer

Proven Ways To Make Money Online in Pakistan without Proper Knowledge in 2023

Income Potential: Small channel streamers have an average revenue potential between $50 to $1,500 monthly while experienced streamers could even make as much as $5,000!

Gen Z members likely know of Twitch, an innovative video live streaming service which was originally targeted at gamers but now includes many people across industries.

If you are already an enthusiastic Twitch user looking to grow their audience, there are numerous opportunities for making money through it. Let’s go over some basics here:


viewers can subscribe to your platform once or periodically by selecting their plan of choice.


virtual elements users can purchase to support and cheer for their favorite streamer.


this makes sense for channels with larger audiences, as you can schedule them directly on Twitch.

Take this opportunity seriously if you enjoy connecting with people directly and have something of value or interest to show them! Invest your efforts and use external sources as part of your strategy for reaching new audiences.

5.Markkas App

Markkas App is Pakistan’s best earning app without investments, offering passive income of up to PKR 45Kas without delay through Easy paisa or Jazz Cash payments within 48-72 hours of claiming your earnings through Markkas App. Markkas App: Pakistan’s Best Moneymaking Platform Without Investment.


Pakistanis are turning towards online earning opportunities due to a shortage of jobs in both government and private sectors. People now realize that by learning skills, they can offer their services over the internet and make money.

These seven strategies are genuine and will require hard work, honesty and most importantly patience from everyone in order to excel at a high level and begin making money in 2023.

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