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Psycho Hollywood Movie

At the beginning of the film, we are shown a husband and wife who have just moved into a new house located in a small town. The wife’s name is Meera and her husband is Hendry. Their new house is designed by Hendry himself since Hendry is an architect. They also do not have children because Meera has battled breast cancer in the past and is currently recovering from it. On their first night in their new home, Meera and Hendry decide to have dinner at a cafe to celebrate their move. To be more intimate, they decide to leave their cell phones at home and enjoy a more romantic dinner without being interrupted by the sound of their cellphone. When they return home, they are surprised by the messy state of the house. Their cell phones which they had left before going out to dinner have also gone missing. It appears that a stranger had broken into their home while they were out for dinner. They then contact the police to report the incident. Furthermore, they find that the intruders in their home only took their two cellphones, and a laptop belonging to Hendry. The next day, Meera who is still haunted by last night’s incident has no choice but to return to work as usual as a youth counselor in her office. Hendry, on the other hand, is visited by a police detective who will further investigate the incident that happened to his family last night. The detective suggests that Hendry install surveillance cameras as well as an alarm system in order to improve the security of his home. In the middle of their conversation, they hear an unknown sound and clanging sound emanating from the pipe channel. Hendry is then advised by the detective to call a plumber to his house. After the the detective has left the house, Hendry immediately follows the advice given by the detective. He installs a sophisticated security system on the door of his house, which he can access through his new cell phone. The scene then switches to Meera who is checking the health condition of her breasts. The doctor explains that the new lump on her body is not a cancerous lump, but rather a leftover from her previous surgery. When Meera returns home, she informs Hendry that she is fine and that he has nothing to worry about. Hendry is happy after hearing this, and he’s already bought a new cell phone for Meera in exchange for her cell phone which had been stolen. He also installs a tracking device on his new phone as well as Meera’s cell phone, as he is worried if anything happens to Meera. Later that night, Meera was startled awake by a loud clanging sound from a pipe. She also finds that the electricity in her house has gone out, and asks Hendry to check the house generator. When Hendry checks the generator, he finds that his generator wires had been deliberately cut by someone. Hendry also notices a footprint of someone leading to his house. And his instinct is right, because Meera who is in the room alone, is approached by someone from behind. Sensing something is not right, Hendry runs into the house and finds that his wife has been tied to the floor. After untying his wife, Hendry goes downstairs and wants to find out who has actually broken into his house. At this moment, Hendry notices several people who appear to be looking for something in his office room. He takes out a gun that he’d been hiding in his plant pot all this time. Before Hendry has a chance to expel the intruders, he is surprised by the appearance of another intruder who quickly attempts to immobilize him. As a result, the chaos that ensued makes the other intruders want to grasp Hendry and his wife. Hendry manages to lower Meera from the balcony of the house in order to ask for help. Unfortunately, the intruders are able to break through the door and take down Hendry. Meera who is already in the car suddenly hears a few gunshots in her house. She gets worried as she has no idea who has been shot. Not long after, an intruder who has been injured appears and asks for help. And Hendry appears from behind, he then shoots the intruder to death. Meera can’t believe her husband could do such a thing,
after witnessing everything that has occurred. The following day, there is an argument between Hendry and Meera in a cafe. Meera can’t accept the fact that her husband hiding a gun in her house without telling her. Hendry then apologizes to Meera for causing her trauma. He explains that they were lucky to have the gun at the time of the incident and that the gun had been seized by the police. Not long after, they are visited by a police detective assigned to handle the case they are currently dealing with. One of the detectives shows them the profiles of the intruders who broke into their home the night before. The detective informs that the intruders came from a poor area called Eagle Point, which is located across town in a caravan park. The police do not yet know their motive for infiltrating Hendry and Meera’s house. The detectives inform that they will try to question the only intruder who is still alive, named Dylan Cobb. Dylan is in a coma in the ICU at Saint Mary’s hospital. Aside from that, the police also discovered one problem related to the case. In more detail, they had a case involving a missing girl who lived in their area a month ago. And it turns out that the missing girl is a member of Dylan Cobb’s family, named Christine
Cobb. Therefore, if Dylan does not survive, the police won’t be able to track down Christine Cobb. Long story short, Hendry informs Meera in the evening that he wants to go to the supermarket to buy some household needs. Hendry, who is in a hurry, has left his wallet behind, and Meera who discovers it tries to contact her husband but is not answered. She then tries to chase after her husband to give him his wallet. On her way, she notices that Hendry’s car is not heading towards the supermarket, but rather is turning toward the road that leads to Saint Mary’s Hospital. Meera’s diverted gaze causes her to lose concentration while driving, and she nearly collides with a car in front of her. When Meera returns home, she discovers that her husband has already arrived. Meera explains that she was in an accident recently and that her car is currently being repaired at the garage. She also questions Hendry about why his car took the hospital road instead of the supermarket road. Henry then claims that he went the wrong way and had to go back to the hospital to get the bank on track. In the morning, Meera returns to work as usual. But due to the trauma, she experienced from the previous incident, Mira has hallucinations about the state of the people around her. When Meera is about to leave her workplace, she is approached by a detective who is working on her case. The detective informs Meera not to worry anymore because Dylan the intruder has died at the hospital where he was being treated. Hearing the detective’s explanation makes Meera become suspicious of Hendry because the night Dylan was found dead on the same night that Henry went down the road to the hospital. She happens to be driving her husband’s car on that particular day, and she begins to look at the GPS history on her husband’s car. She then rushes to an address, which is the recent place her husband visited. We’ve also mentioned before that this place is a poor area called Eagle Point. Which is where the intruders came from. Soon after, Meera manages to find the house where the intruders are staying. She also discovered a letter with Dylan Cobb’s name written on it, as well as a key in the parked car. The house appears to have been empty and uninhabited for a long time. Inside the house, Meera is shocked and finds a clue in the form of a letter envelope, which turns out to be from a house construction
project of Meera and Hendry. After that, Meera takes the envelope home with her. As she walks to her car, she accidentally sees a mail distribution not far away. She then decides to go check the mailbox of the Dylan family using the key she found earlier.  She found a package containing a Handycam to be sent by Dylan to the police station.
However, she is surprised by the presence of a stranger who claims that he had seen Meera’s car before, despite the fact that this is the first time Meera has been to this area. Meera is scared and tries to leave, but the man grabs the Handycam. The stranger suspects Meera of recording him and tries to destroy that Handycam. After returning the Handycam which he had broken, the man then threatens Meera not to come to this area anymore. When she gets home, she tries to play the recording from the Handycam’s memory. But because the Handycam had been tampered with by the stranger man earlier, making it difficult to read the data from the film that was recorded. After that, Meera immediately decides to buy a similar Handycam from an online store. She then walks into Hendry’s office, comparing the envelope she found at Dylan’s house with the construction documents of their house. Well, it turns out that the envelope really came from their house. Meera senses that her husband has something to do with the intruders, so she checks every corner of the room one by one for other clues. She then found a flash disc containing photos taken during the construction of their house. Meera notices an intruder named Dylan who turns out to be one of the project workers and helped in the construction of their home. She continues to look at the photos, but she doesn’t realize that Hendry has returned home with her repaired car. Hendry also sees the light in his office room is turned on. Meera rushes out of the office as soon as she realizes her husband has returned home. Hendry finds Meera’s cell phone in his office, which activates a GPS app that displays Hendry’s current location. Hendry then says that he activated Meera’s current location in hisphone as well, and he’s surprised that Meera came to Eagle Point on that particular day. Meera explains that she was just trying to get some fresh air. After hearing this, Hendry does not doubt anything about Meera. After dinner, they both decide to go to sleep. Once Hendry has fallen asleep, Meera checks the data of the flash drive that she had found earlier. While looking at the photos, Meera suddenly hears the sound of a pipe again. She then continues to look at the photos on the flash drive. In her search, she is surprised
to see a photo of Dylan with his daughter, Christine, who has been reported missing. The following day, Meera comes to the police station, where she is about to give the flash disc she found to the police detective. When she is about to step out of the car, she sees that the stranger who had previously damaged the handycam is arrested by the police. Meera decides to abandon her plan after realizing what has happened. When she gets home, she can’t
keep her curiosity anymore and eventually reveals to Hendry that she already knows about Dylan. At this point, Henry tries to explain to Meera that he was experiencing financial problems while constructing their house. He was forced to take over as contractor and made the IRS think he was building the house on his own. But in reality, he has hired many workers including Dylan, to construct the house. One day, he was forced to fire Dylan after witnessing Dylan’s violence toward his daughter, Christine. Plus, it’s happened on the day her picture was taken. After the incident, Hendry was forced to pay a hush money to Dylan because Dylan had found out about his fraud. In the end, he was forced to stop his payments to Dylan because he couldn’t afford it. He also believes that Dylan is only using the issue of her missing daughter to break into their house, despite the fact that he only wants to take revenge on Henry. When Meera hears this, she realizes what has been causing her family’s problems. After that incident, the relationship between the two of them returns to normal as before, and there is no longer any suspicion from Meera towards her husband. In the afternoon, just as Meera is about to leave work for the day, she receives a package from a courier. And the package contains a handycam that Meera had ordered just a few days ago. Hendry and Meera throw a small party in their house to celebrate their new house move, and invite some of their close friends. The party is going quite lively until at one point, while Meera is cleaning the dirty dishes on the table, she sees a news report on TV about the strange man who had threatened her before. He had no involvement at all with Dylan’s daughter’s disappearance. She secretly moves the flash disc from the damaged camcorder to her newly bought camcorder. At this moment, Meera finally finds a shocking fact, where Dylan explains in more detail about his purpose of infiltrating the house was to find his daughter, not a revenge as Hendry claims. When Dylan’s daughter came to Hendry’s house construction site, Dylan saw the way Hendry looked at his daughter with suspicion. And when her daughter goes missing, he won’t suspect anyone else except Hendry. If we recall, Dylan had previously broken into their house for two times. The first time was when they were out to dinner, where he brought his dog inside the house, and the dog barking like crazy especially in the office. Dylan believes Hendry got more evidence in his office room. After hearing all the explanations, Meera immediately rushes into Hendry’s office, looking for any hints like what Dylan said in the recording. She then opens the documentation of her house plan, and she discovers that there is a hidden room behind a wall in her husband’s office. After looking for a way to find the secret room, Meera finally finds a button behind a box. She then presses the button, and a secret door behind her starts to open.
After that, she enters the room and it leads to a secret room that Meera was unaware of before. Meera slowly walking down the stairs. As she walks into a room and turns on the light, she is taken aback when she discovers someone who has been held captive. The woman is finally confirmed as Christine, Dylan’s missing daughter.
We can see that Christine has been tied to a pipe. This immediately clarifies the source of the strange voice that had been heard by Meera for multiple times. At this point, Christine who has just woken up becomes hysterical, but Meera tries to calm her down. Meera tells Christine not to scream so that Hendry doesn’t hear her. But when Meera
turns around, Hendry is already been behind her. Hendry’s true attitude has been finally revealed. When Meera wants to call the police, Hendry then attacks her and knocks her to the ground. Meera is then treated in the same way as Christine, where she is also tied up by Henry in the room. Henry explains to Meera why he’s doing all of these crazy things. It turns out that he only wants to have a child, but this will not be possible due to Meera’s infertility
as a result of the cancer she has suffered. He had just planned on having a child with Christine. And after Christine’s child is born, he would immediately kill Christine. After that, he will live with Meera and the child, as if they are normal family. Hendry then goes out of the room, telling all his guests to go home because his wife is inebriated and has fallen asleep. In the hidden room, Meera tries to untie the rope in her hands. After the rope is untied, Meera rushes to help Christine. And shortly after, Henry returns to the room and is surprised to see  Meera and Christine who are no longer in the room. It turns out that Meera and Christine are hiding under the stairs and they make it out of the room. Unfortunately, Hendry is able to hold the door,  he then takes his cellphone and locks all doors through the access from his cellphone. Both of them try to hide from Henry. But Hendry finally manages to find Meera and also Christine. Meera is thrown by Henry,  causing her head to hit the cabinet and resulting in her passing out. Christine is dragged back into the basement by Hendry, who intends to kill her there. Meera has regained consciousness, and she immediately goes to save Christine and brings a miniature clock with her. When Hendry is just about to kill Christine, Meera appears from behind and hits him in the head with the miniature.  This causes Hendry to convulse before he dies on the spot. Finally, Meera and Christine are able to get out of the house safely.

At the end of the film, Meera decides to sell her house and transports all her belongings.

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