Separation 2021

Separation 2021 Full Movie Summarized.

As the film begins, a girl named “Jenny” appears on the scene.She was playing with puppets made by her father.Then she glimpses a small sparrow and she comes near the window to catch it.Now the scene turns to Jenny’s father “Jeff” and her caretaker “Samantha”.It is revealed here that Jenny’s father is actually a comic artist.”Samantha” is heavily inspired by his comics and drawn characters.After this, “Jenny” is again seen who was peeping through the window.

That sparrow was not appearing before then it comes before her sight all of a sudden.Due to this, “Jenny” is afraid and falls down.Jenny’s mother also comes there with “Jeff” and “Samantha” , hearing her falling sound.They see that Jenny’s forehead is bleeding.As a result, Jenny’s father “Jeff” and mother get so worried.

Then Jenny’s mother says to “Samantha” while scolding her, It is your fault!As being caretaker of “Jenny”, It is your responsibility to take care of her!”Jeff” tries to make his wife silent , explaining to her,But his wife says to “Jeff” , showing her anger, You yourself is indulged in your job in the whole day!We have no benefit of this! You don’t earn money through this!It is exposed here that “Jeff” is still jobless.In the next scene, Jenny’s mother begins to lead her to hospital.

Jeff’s wife forbids him to accompany when he asks to come.Because they had no good understanding so they are separated.So they both are so worried because of the custody of “Jenny”. So Jenny’s grandfather suggests,I don’t want that my granddaughter may get wounded in such a way because of carelessness.He says to “Jeff”, You cannot take care of yourself because of having no job,How will you take care of your daughter! Being grieved, “Jeff” asks his wife that,Why are you doing this with me?Hearing him, she says, I know that you have affections for your daughter “Jenny”,But you are still not in this state to take care of her.

You cannot care her at all!After this, his wife says to her, giving some amount of money,Keep this money and restart your life with them! And leave “Jenny” in my custody!But “Jeff” rejects her offer . When he returns back to his house later,Then he begins to miss “Jenny”, watching the old videos of her.

Next day, he begins to wait for his wife , going into a restaurant with his daughter.Meanwhile, he receives the call of his wife who says to him that,Listen “Jeff”! You are showing foolishness! You should sign the agreement.Through which everything will be alright and we all stay happily! But “Jeff” makes no response to her.Jeff’s college’s friend comes to him,Who has inaugurated his company regarding Comics before one years.Hearing this, “Jeff” feels so good .Separation 2021

When he asks “Jeff” about his life,Then “Jeff” tells him everything , How many issues that he is facing in his life!Moreover, he is jobless! Knowing this, Jeff’s friend is very shocked.”Jeff” had been the best artist among them. Then “Jeff” receives his wife’s call.”Jeff” knows through this that he has come in a wrong restaurant.

Because it was another restaurant where his wife had called him.Then he also tells his wife about his that college friend.That I have met him today! And I am going to start a work with him now collaboratively .His friend intends to assign “Jeff” only for the comic painting , Hearing this.”Jeff” is astonished and also grieved, because he was the best comic artist.Jeff’s wJeff’s wife is also able to hear all the conversation.

So she says to “Jeff”, I have heard the whole conversation. It is not easy task to get the job.Jeff’s wife whole attention is on calling so she faces a fatal accident.She is died at the spot! “Jenny” and “Jeff” become so mournful at her death.A placed candle drops there when “Jeff” is telling the people about is wife at her funeral.And Jeff’s painting is set on fire with another candle’s flame.

Due to this, the drawn face of “Jeff” in painting is severely spoiled.Meanwhile , “Samantha” quenches the fire with the help of fire extinguisher.Then Jenny’s grandfather meets with “Jeff” and tells him that,The car has not been detected yet which has hit my daughter or your wife.All think this as it is not an accident but a murder.

Which has been turned into an accident.In the next scene, “Jeff” goes before a room and its door is opened at once.A horrible puppet appears from there. It was looking the same which had been made by “Jeff”.That puppet was moving differently with the horrific look.It begins to chase “Jeff” and proceed “Jeff”. So “Jeff” is so frightened.”Jeff” wakes up as that puppet is going to attack him.It indicated that it was the nightmare of “Jeff”.

Then he encounters another puppet before him.Suddenly, he again wakes up and it was also his nightmare.”Samantha” comes to his house on the coming day where “Jeff” asks her to take care of his daughter.And he himself goes to the company of his friend for job.In the meantime, he also gets ready to perform his job as an inker.

This leaves Jeff’s friend shocked but he hires him for job without saying a word.When “Jeff” tells about his job as an inker to “Samantha” , coming to home later.She says on this, I did not like this job! Because you don’t deserve for this job!You deserve better! The reason behind it is this , You are best artist!Hearing this, “Jeff” says, I can also do the painting job at home.It will have advantage that I will also take care of my daughter with this.

She will not go far from me! After this, “Samantha” insists “Jeff” too much,Leave “Jenny” at her grandfather’s house! But “Jeff” declines this suggestion.He says, No! I cannot take this action because I have great affections for my daughter.And she will stay with me! When “Jeff” is working at night,Then he begins to feel awkwardly.

And he senses as there is something mysterious!There is something wrong! And he also lost the control over himself!So he draws a horrific painting on his diary of a ghost unknowingly.”Jenny” says, coming to him, I am feeling so frightened! it seems to me as,There is someone in my room! When “Jeff” moves there to detect then he glimpses no one there.Then he asks “Jenny” to lay down on her bed! Then “Jenny” asks her father that,Father! Will you send me to my grandfather? “Jeff” says after refusing this ,Not at all! “Jeff” was surprising , hearing the words of “Jenny”.

Because “Jenny” was calling herself a “Baby”. And her way of talking was also quite different.And she was behaving differently. When “Jeff” reaches his office on the next day,He also gives that ghost painting to his colleague mistakenly which was drawn last night by him.His co-worker and the his friend both are excited, glimpsing this.His friend again hires him as a comic artist while witnessing his ghost painting.

The scene moves later and “Jenny” is seen in her room. She encounters the same puppet there.Which had been encountered in Jeff’s room by him. As that puppet proceeds to her,”Jenny” is scared and she calls her father.

Then “Jeff” reaches her,And he carries her into his room. Then “Jeff” and “Jenny” talks about the night incident.””Jenny” tells that I had seen a ghost in my room last night which was so horrific.Then “Jeff” says to her while explaining , Your puppet friend also look horrible!But you don’t feel fear from them because they are your friends! Hearing this, “Jenny” thinks,That she can also befriend the ghost appeared in her room.

Then “Jeff” notices that “Jenny” has also drawn the same ghost painting which is seen by them.Seeing this, he is also shocked and scared. Meanwhile, “Jenny” again calls herself “Baby”.So “Jeff” is researching for it, reaching the office. In the meantime, his colleague comes there.And he tells him the whole story and asks him, Do you believe in ghost?His colleague replies on this, Yes! I believe that ghost really exist!At the same time, Their girl worker of office tells “Jeff” , appearing there,A wealthiest old man had come to ask about you!Hearing about him, “Jeff” immediately comprehends,He is not anyone else but Jenny’s grandfather.

So he instantly goes to him to meet him. It is revealed that,Jenny’s grandfather has suspicion that the killer of his daughter is not anyone else but “Jeff”!It means , he himself killed his wife. After it, when it is seen when “Jeff” returns back to his home,”Samantha” offers him alcoholic drink and tries to develop a bond with him.”Jeff” is so shocked on this and he forbids her of doing so! “Samantha” feels ill on this.She also feels embarrassment there.

Due to this, she leaves away.It is seen when “Jeff” is working at night then he had adjusted a camera in Jenny’s room.In which he witnesses that there is the same horrific puppet which was being called ghost by her.It means that was only being seen by both of them. “Jeff” is so frightened, seeing it.

And he quickly moves to Jenny’s room but he finds no one there. Meanwhile, it is noticed behind “Jeff”,That small puppets are moving there! When he is looking out of the window,Then someone is witnessed in the room who had covered himself with a shawl.When he checks after uncovering the shawl then he comes to know that she is “Jenny” not anyone else.

Then “Jenny” asks “Jeff”, Tell me father! Where is mother?”Jeff” says on this, She is here and she is always with us! When “Jeff” is leaving to office,Then he glimpses the same puppet in the bus which also tries to attack him.He is so scared. Then “Samantha” is seen who reaches near room while searching for “Jenny”.

Where she hears the voice of “Jenny” so she tries to enter.But the door is automatically closed and she is worried on this.But the door is opened again and “Jenny” comes out of the room.At the same time, “Samantha” also sees the same puppet .

Due to this, she is also become afraid.She reveals everything to “Jeff” when he returns back and also says, It may be my hallucination!She ignores this! But “Jeff” becomes upset on this. So he locks that room firmly.So his daughter “Jenny” may not unlock this! When “Jeff” reaches “Jenny”,She asks him, Were you going to give me to my mother?And were you going to take money in return from her? “Jeff” is confused, hearing this.Because no one knew this secret except he and his wife!Next day, “Samantha” presents the breakfast to “Jenny” as she arrives.”Jenny” begins to feel bad, taking this.

And her breath begins to block.And she begins to agonize. Witnessing this, “Jeff” is filled with fear and he injects her.She is recovered with this. At the exact time, the chandelier’s screw is loosened,So it is hit with Samantha’s head after loosing its grip. And she loses her senses, falling down.It is seen here that puppet does it not anyone else.Now “Samantha” had already called the police so police approach there.

Then police feel , seeing “Jenny” as she is being victimized and tortured.So they attempt to talk with “Jenny” through which they are confirmed,There is no reality which they are assuming!It is noticed later, the puppet which was being seen by “Jenny” and “Jeff”,It was not anyone else but Jenny’s mother.

Then that Jenny’s mother goes into Samantha’s room.And it tries to kill her . As a result, “Samantha” wakes up. And she becomes so afraid.She reaches “Jeff” as being frightened and says to him, There is something as such in this house,Which is horrific and threatening with this! And I think , it is not any other person but your wife!Jenny’s mother! Who is trying to kill after teasing us!Hearing this, “Jeff” instructs her, You are not well now so return back to your home!So you may have a rest! After this, “Jeff” also sends his daughter “Jenny” with her grandfather.

Then “Jeff” tries to communicate with his wife through a ritual at night. Then his wife shows him,How did she face an accident on that day? Then his wife appears in form of puppet before him.”Jeff” explains to her, Look! Don’t do as such. “Jenny” is our daughter. Next day , “Jeff” is seen,Who has gone to his daughter. He says to Jenny’s grandfather while talking,I know , you had a great love for your daughter!Please don’t make my daughter far from me for this!Because she has already lost her mother and I don’t want this know that she may lose her father now.

Then Jenny’s grandfather tells “Jeff” after meeting, That car has been discovered by the police,With which my daughter had struck. So the driver will also be found out soon now.”Jeff” feels satisfaction on this.He also says to “Jeff” with this, I will also reach your house within one hour, taking “Jenny”.It is revealed here that Jeff’s words have affected him and he has agreed with “Jeff”.

He has given the custody of “Jenny” to “Jeff”. Afterwards, when “Jeff” reaches office,Then it is known that he is going to shift in another state. And he is very excited with this.It means that he will do a job in the another branch of his friend’s company.Then his drawn ghost character made for comic book is brought there.

Seeing this, Jeff’s friend tells him that I have changed the ending of comic to an extent.In which ghost will return back after being more powerful and threatening instead of dying.Due to this, “Jeff” is afraid and he leaves the house to rescue his daughter “Jenny”.Then he calls Jenny’s grandfather and says to him, Move out “Jenny” from the house quickly!Because that house is not secure for her.

Then Jenny’s grandfather is trying to tell “Jeff” about any mail,But someone falls him down while pushing. When “Jeff” reaches home later,Then he witnesses that Jenny’s grandfather is so wounded.So he begins to call “Samantha”.Meanwhile, Jenny’s grandfather who was in semi consciousness , he forbids “Jeff” of doing so.And he shows him received mail in mobile phone. And it was actually that killer’s photo.Seeing this, “Jeff” is left shocked , seeing photo and “Samantha also reaches there at the same time.

And he shows her that killer’s photo. It is exposed here that killer is not another person,But she is “Samantha” who had killed Jeff’s wife. But she is has no any regret of this crime.She says while shouting, I was just helping you “Jeff”,Because your wife was going to snatch everything from you! It is known here,That “Samantha” had also served “Jenny” the poisonous food.When her condition was turned worst but her mother secured her.After this, “Samantha” moves to “Jeff” to attack him while lifting a piece of glass.Meanwhile, that puppet approaches there which stabs that piece of glass into Samantha’s neck.

Due to this, Samantha” is died painfully. That puppet also tries to attack “Jeff” later.But “Jenny” forbids that puppet of doing so. Then “Jenny” becomes so frightened.And she sits, going near the window and she is also crying a lot.She says, I don’t like the quarrel of both of you! She was saying this here to her parents.”Jeff” explains to “Jenny” here and he tries to descend her.Then they both father and daughter fall from window.”Jeff” begins to recall all moments spent with “Jenny”.But “Jeff” notices that they both are safe and sound when he wakes up.Because Jeff’s wife had saved them.

After it, she also leaves away.Because she had taken her revenge after killing “Samantha”.It is known here , Why did “Samantha” kill Jeff’s wife? In fact, she used to like “Jeff”,And she wanted to spend her life with him.

But her intentions were negative,Consequently, she got what she deserved!It means dire consequences in the form of her death.

And this is where the movie ‘Separation’ ends with good moral that do good have good.

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