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Telenor free internet codes 2023



I simply wanted to let you know that you’re not the only one searching for “Telenor free internet” online. Then you’ve arrived to the right place. You may discover a thorough tutorial to using the internet for free here, along with free internet tips and Telenor free internet codes for 2023. This post will be very beneficial to you if you’re interested in utilising Telenor’s free internet service. Here, we’ll discuss the most recent Telenor Network update, which offers unlimited free 3G and 4G bandwidth.

The strategies and advice in this article will help you get the most out of Telenor’s cost-free, unlimited data plans. By dialling a few digits, you may find out how to receive free internet on your Telenor SIM card. Continue reading for our most recent online discussion on the Telenor proposals.

What are the 2023 free codes for Telenor internet access?

To access the internet for free in 2022 using your SIM card, Telenor has offered the free internet codes shown below.

  • Dial *888# to get a free week’s worth of internet service.
  • Dial *345*75# to get Telenor’s free, unlimited service, and *345*88# if that doesn’t work.
  • Dial *5*700# to get free 500 mbps internet for 10 days.
  • You may access the 1-GB data cap-free Facebook and free Whatsapp packages by simply dialling *331# or *5*325#, respectively.
  • To get free internet through Telenor, enter *345*7777#, *345*818#, or *345*991#.
  • You may also dial *991 or *345*546# as an alternative.
  • You may add 2GB of free internet to your account by simply dialling *345*1004# or *345*477#.
  • Telenor will provide a free proxy access to the internet until 2023.

You may access the internet for free by setting up a proxy server, which is covered in this article.

The first step in using this method is to get the UC downloader.

Next, set up the proxy as shown below:Telenor free internet codes 2023 TCP Port 80 APN Internet Proxy

After setting up your proxy, you may run UC and begin using the service for no charge.

Totally free online programme

This will seem to Telenor customers to be a miracle invention. Take advantage of this deal by downloading the My Telenor app from the Play Store. After downloading the My Telenor app, you will initially have access to 1 GB of free data.

Delete the app’s data beforehand to get the most of this offer. When you first open this programme, you will have an option between two menus. You will get a Telenor with Telenor who qualifies for free internet access from Telenor if you choose the Telenor Customer option.

Internet Access’s Best Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) in 2023

Users of Telenor may simply take advantage of a unique deal that gives them free internet access by connecting to a VPN server in another nation.

For this, the below steps should be used:

  • Check out the app store.
  • Google Play is where you can get Sky VPN.
  • The Sky VPN should then be turned on.
  • Launching your virtual private network software is the next step.
  • The default location for the VPN application will be the United States when it is first launched.
  • You will be able to benefit from Telenor’s free internet promotion in this situation.

Easypaisa by Telenor Internet Access

All you have to do to test this free internet trick is head to the Play Store.Telenor free internet codes 2023

Start by downloading the easy paisa app from the app store on your smartphone.
You’ll have 100 rupees placed into your EasyPaisa account after downloading the app.
From your easy money account, you may easily and quickly send 100 rupees to your recipient.
When you do, Telenor will immediately send you a confirmation letter with links to 1,000 different offers for free internet access.

Independence is guaranteed by Telenor’s limitless free internet access.

You may connect to Telenor’s free internet service by following these steps:

Install the Freedom app on your smartphone after getting it from the app store.
Start this project when you’re ready.
After the app has started, choose “connect” from the top menu.
You will have complete internet access as soon as your VPN connection is created.

Access to the internet is of very poor quality. You may begin the trial and browse the internet at will.

You may now use the internet for as long as you want after this. When there is no money in the account, use this technique.

A new update by Telenor now makes WhatsApp available to all of its users for no additional cost on their SIM cards.

Users of Telenor may be entitled to two gigabytes of free WhatsApp data each month. For a complete explanation, please keep reading.

By dialling *247#, you may take advantage of this promotion.
You will have access to 2 GB of WhatsApp storage.
Payment is necessary: This promotion has no related expenses.
The end of the month marks the expiration of this exclusive deal.
Simply call *999# to verify your information.
Telenor will provide 3GB of free data starting in 2023.

If you call this number from your son’s phone, it will get 5 GB of free data. The specifics are listed here:

You may send a message by entering “1” followed by the desired number.
the next SMS message to 771381, and after that.
To put it another way, you may use up to 5 GB of data without having to pay anything.
Price of the Deal: That is to say, there is no fee involved in using this deal.
This deal is only valid for the next week.

Free 8GB of data in 2023 from Telenor:

Telenor will give you 8GB of free data each month if you follow the following instructions.

Enter 771368 and dial that number to send the number 1.
In honour of the event, Telenor is currently offering 8GB of free data.
No price is attached.

Your brand-new 4G sim card from Telenor comes with unlimited free data for life. Code:Telenor free internet codes 2023

Telenor gives new customers a free month of data service as a way of saying “hello.” A thousand megabytes of data are provided for free when you purchase a new SIM card to test it out. The specifics are listed here:

To sign up for this service, just type *954# into your phone’s keypad.
You will get a gigabit of data at no charge.
Price to Accept Offer: This offer is free of charge.
There is just one week left to take advantage of this exclusive deal.
Up until 2023, Telenor’s “Sim Lagao” Offer offers free data.

For the next several days, those who haven’t logged in since September 20, 2019, will get free phone service (according to the details below). To take advantage of this deal, please call extension 2222 on the automated line.

100% Ad-Free, Over 3000 Online Discounts For a little charge, this package provides 3GB of free data every 60 days (Rs.0.2)


Customers of the free Telenor unlimited internet service get access to a wide range of cutting-edge options. The methods for getting free internet connection described in this article are available to Telenor customers. The kind of programmes that may be utilised to benefit from Telenor’s free, unlimited data services include Sky VPN, my Telenor, and simple paisa; we’ve gone into great length about proxy settings elsewhere on this website.

Telenor free internet codes 2023

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