The BATMAN (2022)

The Batman (2022) Thriller movie Summarized.

The BATMAN (2022)

A Halloween night is shown at the start of the movie and the mayor of ”Gotham” city dies that night.

”Riddler” was the name of the murderer and he used to end the famous people of ”Gotham” city.The special thing about the killer was it drops something special near the person whom he ends.He does the same this time. The police arrive the next day and they find a card there.

”Haven’t find a clue, let’s play a game just me and you” written on it.There were some code words and clues inside and the interesting thing was those clues were for ”Batman”.The killer always gives clues to the ”Batman” for his next murder.Who will be the next person whom he will end?

The killer means to save the person if ”Batman” can.

Now the police and the ”Batman” find the clue who will be the next person?The police and ”Batman” take the man out while finding the person but ”Riddler” ends the person.Here we discover this was ”Riddler’s” plan as he doesn’t know the man whom he has to end.

The police and ”Batman” have completed his task.We saw the mayor’s death at the start of the movie and ”Riddler” has separated his thumb.”Riddler” has separated his thumb because the mayor was lewd and an evil human.He has a friend with him as well, a girl who works in a bar.

The police and ”Batman” find a pen drive

they check and found the pictures of the mayor along with the girl named ”Annika”.They were moving out of the iceberg and the strange thing was the video gets public when they were watching it.This video was on every news channel on Tv and then ”Gotham” city discover that the mayor was an evil and lewd man.The BATMAN (2022)

Then ”Batman” is shown who has reached iceberg but the people were forbidding him to come inside and they fight with him now ”Batman” was fighting with them alone.Meanwhile, their head arrives and asks ”Batman” what are you doing here?He shows him ”Annika’s” pictures whom he saw with the mayor in the video but he doesn’t tell him anything about the girl.

Meanwhile, ”Batman” sees ”Cat woman”he starts chasing her but she escaped as she has some other plan.She was trying to steal the passport but couldn’t find it then she goes to the mayor’s house.She doesn’t find the mayor’s passport but finds ”Annika’s” passport when she reaches the apartment with the passport she meets ”Batman”.Her apartment was destroyed completely.

It seems like someone has ruined her apartment willingly seeing it, ”Batman” says to the ”Cat woman” now we have to do the job together.She agrees with the ”Batman”then he gives her a camera and it was a lens camera that ”whatever ”Cat woman” will see, that will be visible to ”Batman”.Now ”Cat woman” has reached the iceberg lounge to find out about her friend ”Annika”.

The places the ”Cat woman” was seeing were also visible to ”Batman”.”Batman” discovers there are evil and the great personalities of the city in this lounge and feeling maybe they are included in the mayor’s death.

Later, ”Cat woman” meets a man and the man shares the information about the place and people here.He was returning and meets the killer ”Riddler”and it seems like he was waiting for this man.He makes him injured and then the scene shifts to the next dayand the people of ”Gotham” city are shown at the funeral of their mayor.

Meanwhile, a car arrives at a full speed and hits the window it has moved inside and the man comes out who has given the information to ”Cat woman”.There was a bomb tied with his neck and there was a tape on his mouth having a mobile in his hand.”Batman” runs from there in hurry and wears his costume.

To handle this situation like this, people will not recognize him.Now voice comes from the phone tied to that man’s hand.There was ”Riddler’s” voice and he says to ”Batman”I will give you 3 tasks and if you will solve them this man will be saved.If you do not respond correctly, this man will die now ”Batman” has solved two questions but he couldn’t solve the third due to it, the bomb on that man’s neck blasts.

The man dies there it was a huge blast that ”Batman” also gets faint.He comes to his senses and sees an inspector and there were other police officers.He tells the inspector many of the evil personalities of our city are connected with the police.

I can even give you a proof if you need as I have got all the footage from the lens camera of the ”Cat woman”.”Batman” was thinking the life of the inspector will be in danger if he will take any action against the police.”Batman” was pretending to quarrel with the inspector then he runs from there while hitting a punch on his face.

”Batman” reaches home and discovers the commissioner died in the police station.”Cat woman” is shown in the next scene who finds her best friend ”Annika’s” dead body and ”Cat woman” becomes worried seeing it.

She wanted to save her best friend the scene then shifts to “Alfred,” the man with whom “Batman” has lived since his childhood”Alfred” receives a parcel that was for ”Batman”but he thinks something is wrong with this parcel.

He doesn’t seem it good so he throws it far from him mean while, there was a blast due to it, ”Alfred” becomes injured.Then it is shown that ”Batman” discovers his pas the discovers his father has made a huge company.That was for the poor but his father wasn’t good as he pretends in front of people.”Batman’s” father wanted to help people for becoming the mayor of the city.

he journalist discovered this news when he wanted this that ”Batman’s” mother is a patient with a disease.The journalist wanted to publish this news but ”Batman’s” father didn’t want anyone to discover the disease of his wife.Then his father ordered some people to end that journalist now he becomes depressed after discovering all this.

Later, he goes to a man named ”Falcon”and he was the partner of ”Batman’s” father.He asks the man did my father was responsible for a journalist’s death?Is this true? the man says yes, this is true.Your father hired me to end that journalist.He also tells the companions of the journalist ended your parents after this incident.”Batman” becomes worried after hearing all this.

He goes to his guardian ”Alfred” who was everything to him.He tells everything he heard about his parents to ”Alfred”.”Alfred” tells his father was a nice human and he never tried to end anyone.This all is a lie you have discovered.The truth is he went to ”Falcone” to save the image of his family but he didn’t ask the man to end that man.

He just said the image of my family would not be ruined so there will be no impediment to them becoming mayor.The truth I didn’t tell you till today is that the man ”Falcone” ended your parents because the man has already ended the journalist.He doesn’t want the police to know this.

Only your parents know about it that’s why he ended your parents.”Batman” becomes furious after hearing all thisthen he reaches the iceberg lounge where he meets ”Catwoman”.Now their purpose was the same”Catwoman’s” best friend died and ”Batman” wants to take revenge on his parents.The twist is that ”Falcone” was none other than ”Catwoman’s” father.She tells ”Batman” that my mother used to do a job in this lounge but my father never accepted me as a daughter.

Now I want to take revenge on my father and I want to end him. There was a heavy fight here finally, ”Cat woman” gets the chance to end her father.The inspector and ”Batman” forbids her then the man ”Falcone” was handed over to the police.The police take him out and the killer ”Riddler” who was waiting for him pointed at himand he immediately ends him. ”Batman” discovers more about the killer after the incident.”Batman” realizes that the “Riddler” is not randomly murdering people.

He also discovers the killer ”Riddler” thinks in his childhood I am orphan as well as ”Batman” but I have seen all this care fullythe world is difficult without parents.”Batman” didn’t face difficulty because his parents have left money.He was jealous of ”Batman” as he never has seen any difficulty in his life.Even then he is famous and ”Batman” who was discovering about ”Riddler”.

He comes to know the killer ”Riddler” has set many bombs in the carsand the cars blast near the water pipe line.There was a huge blastand the water was filled there and the people of ”Gotham” city reach the ”Gotham” garden.This was ”Riddler’s” plan and he knows what will happen next.Meanwhile, many companions of ”Riddler” arrive with their gunsto end everyone one by one.

Then ”Batman” and ”Catwoman” arrive to fight with them they stop them and fight with them while using their skills.They snatch guns from them likewise, they have saved ”Gotham” city from huge loss.

The killer ”Riddler” was caught and taken to prison.In the final scene, a joker is seen in the next-door cell to “Riddler’s” cell.He was talking to ”Riddler”.

Here the batman movie ends.

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