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The Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai History , Facts & Architect




History of Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai

  • It is the third-tallest hotel in the world, standing at 321 metres, as well as one of the most expensive at an estimated 7.8 billion dollars.
  • Due to oil revenues, Dubai experienced economic prosperity in the 1990s, but officials decided a change in the economy was necessary due to declining reserves, so they invested in luxury travel and real estate development. The Sheikh ruler of Dubai hired the British architectural firm Atkins in 1993 to create a structure that would come to represent both Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Under the direction of architect Tom Wright, Atkins created a cutting-edge structure that resembles the billowing sail of an Arab ‘dhow’ or yacht.
  • Despite its height, 39% of the building is unusable, and it has drawn criticism for its ostentatious levels of opulence and preference for style over practicality. Despite this, the Burj al Arab has achieved its goal of becoming a recognised symbol of Dubai since its official opening in December 1999.

Facts of Burj al Arab Hotel 

It is the 18th-tallest structure in Dubai.

  • Burj Al Arab is taller than it appears; its total height and architectural height are 321 meters, making it taller than the Chrysler Tower in New York City and higher than the largest observation deck of the Empire State Building.
  • However, its roof is barely higher than 200 feet, and everything above that is just a framework and spire. Burj Al Arab is Dubai’s 18th highest structure.

There are over 200 suites.

  • Despite the hotel’s size, there are only 202 suites available. The smallest room has a space of 169 square metres (1,820 square feet), while the largest one has a space of 780 square metres (8,400 square ft).
  • One of the Most Luxurious Suites in the World is Found at The Burj
  • One of the most opulent hotel suites in the world is The Royal Suite in The Burj Al Arab, which costs $28,000 USD per night; other suites start at $1,000 USD. Given that this is one of the most costly hotel suites ever, this is undoubtedly interesting.
  • This is because the Royal Suite is so opulent and exclusively used by elite people. That is mind-blowing.

There is an underwater restaurant at the hotel.

  • This restaurant has a sizable aquarium that holds about 990,000 L (260,000 gal) of water.
  • To handle the water pressure, the tank wall is composed of acrylic glass and is around 18 cm (7.1 in) thick. The restaurant is one of the best 10 restaurants in the world, according to a Condé Nast Traveler study.

The Burj features Dubai’s highest helipads.

  • The cantilevered platform near the roof, which floats at a height of 210 m (689 ft) above ground and serves as a helipad, is one of The Burj Al Arab’s most recognisable features. One of the tallest helipads in Dubai is this one

              Architect of The Burj al Arab Hotel 

The Burj al Arab Hotel

The Burj al Arab Hotel

  • The “tower of the Arabs,” the Burj Al Arab, is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A magnificent hotel with a sailboat-like form that is 1,053 feet tall. The hotel is reportedly the second-tallest in the entire world. The Rose Tower is the tallest hotel structure. Nine times taller than the Burj Al Arab, there is another incomplete structure. This structure is a landmark that serves as the emblem of Dubai and exemplifies the contemporary themes that Dubai has been embracing.
  • Tom Wright of Atkins was the architect responsible for the Burj Al Arab’s design. The hotel’s 202 rooms were built in 1999, when it was finished with construction. There are 60 floors and 18 elevators in the Burj Al Arab.  Nonetheless, according to the hotel’s official website, it is merely a five-star hotel.
  • The Al Muntaha, one of its eateries, stands 660 feet above the Persian Gulf and offers a beautiful view of Dubai. The Al Mahara is a different restaurant inside the hotel that has an aquarium filled with aquatic life. . It is one of the top 10 water reservoirs in the world and can hold roughly 35,000 cubic feet of water.

One of the world’s top hotels

  •  Before leaving the building, customers even get a spellbinding farewell at the freshly rebuilt Exit Lobby, which has a custom spiral chandelier made by the Czech design firm Sans Souci. It weighs about 450 kg and is made up of 210 crystal tubes.
  • For outstanding views when dining, patrons can choose between the poolside SAL or the underwater restaurant and aquarium Restaurant L’Olivo at Al Mahara. A fleet of Rolls-Royce vehicles is available on the forecourt, and Roger Federer, Anthony Joshua, and Tiger Woods have all visited the famed helipad.
  • The Burj Al Arab Terrace offers 10,000 sq m of outdoor space for poolside sunbathing for even more tranquilly. Swimmers enjoy the excitement of relaxing over the waves on the deck that runs 100 metres from the hotel’s base.
  • The starting price for a nightly stay at the upscale hotel is AED4,500 during the low season and AED8,000 during the busy season. Please check the hotel’s official website for the most up-to-date rates, including taxes and fees, and information on booking suites.


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