THE MAID Bollywood Movie


The story of the film consists of how to treat a Maid. Shreya respects her Maid. When she goes to her friend’s house with her son Reyahu and Maid Shabana. Her friend Juhi doesn’t treat Shabana well. The story starts now : Shreya: Come on! Reyshu we are going to meet a new friend today. Her name is Lvana. My baby, my sweetie pie . Shabana did you change his diaper? Shabana: Yes ma’am I did. Shreya: Sweetu, dearie, my love, my son here have some water. Reyshu sees Mumma is not wearing her favorite lipstick. We will look for it when we go back home. Mumma is not feeling nice without her favorite lipstick. Now they reached Juhi’s house. Juhi: Come in, please! So sorry you had to wait. Ivana has classic timing. You guys reached and she had to poop right then! Shreya: I don’t know how you’re managing it all by yourself.  No that’s alright.

Shreya: See who’s here, Reyansh This is Ivana say hi. Juhi: This is Reyansh, he’s so cute Shreya! Just like you, so cute!!! Shreya: Thank you…Come come play, see so many toys. Lvana shows Reyansh your toys. How are you managing on your own? Juhi: Sorry, I’m really sorry for the mess. Now, do you understand why it was impossible for me to come to work today? Shreya: It’s ok dear, it’s tough without a maid. The last one was nice, what happened? Juhi: God knows? The fifth one in 3 months can you imagine? I just don’t understand what do they want. Shreya: Shabana!  Yes ma’am ? This is Shabana, Reyansh’s nanny.
Hello Ma’am!THE MAID Bollywood Movie
Juhi: Shabana? She is a christian, Shabana Murmu. Ohhh! anyways how does it matter? Shreya: Shabana we are going to work now. Will you please look after the kids? Shabana :Yes ma’am of course. Shreya: Juhi, where should we sit? Juhi: Ya ya! come here. This Shabana is so good, you are so lucky Shreya! Give me one second, let me clear all this. 
Listen I will just get you some water, you sit.
Shreya: Our firm makes so much money. In the Savita case even if they don’t it should be ok I guess. That Felt so good! And yes for litigating the Savita case. She doesn’t even have money for bus fares at times.
Juhi: Exactly! My blood boils. Especially when I think of that no-good husband of hers. What was his name?
Shreya: Khetu !
Juhi: Yes Ketu. We will totally sort him out. Imagine if we use that as our opening line.                              Shreya: I know! just think of the judge’s reaction.                                                                                                  Juhi: Oh I completely forgot to order lunch! One second.
Shreya: Juhi it’s ok don’t bother, let’s finish work first.
No, bother it’s home delivery. Chinese is fine right..? Indian style Chinese. The one with oodles of Sichuan sauce, the red one? Give me one second, where did the number go? Hello? Please write the order. 2 plates triple schzeuan, Non-vegetable. Yes, yes non-veg, please write the address.                                                           Juhi don’t order launch for Shabana. Shreya feels bad. Then she asked Shabana. We will pick up something for you from the road on the way home. That’s ok, right? You are not hungry now, are you?
Shabana: No No… I am absolutely fine. Ma’am if I could just get some water that would be helpful.
Shreya: Of course! Juhi, She just needs some water to drink.
Juhi doesn’t give water in the glass. She said:  Shabana you have carried your own bottle, right?
Get that, please! I will fill water for you in your bottle because I can’t share my glass.
Juhi: Shreya next time when we work from home. Let’s do it at your house. The spicy food in Lokhandwala market.We will order from there to eat.
Shreya got angry when Juhi don’t order a launch for Shabana. She pick her bag and said Good Bye!                  Juhi: please wait only 5 minutes it’s time to launch Shreya. Shreya?                                                                  Shreya: No it’s ok I will mail across the relevant stuff.
At least let’s eat, the food would be here any minute. Shreya? Shreya? What happened so suddenly? 
Shreya: She didn’t have a single glass to spare for Shabana. How to mean, how barbaric, I don’t want to work with her
You know that Savita case just gives it to someone else…
So what if she is a maid!?
Shabana: Ma’am the baby has slept, I have put pillows all around him for safety. Now I am going to wash clothes.
Shreya: Here take some noodles, I have ordered enough to help yourself don’t feel shy, ok?
Shabana: Yes ma’am
Shreya thinks but where did my lipstick go after all? How can it just disappear? she goes to check her bag. when Shreya was checking Shabana’s bag, Shabana come and said Ma’am ! are you looking for this? It was lying on the balcony. Looks like the baby took it there wit. Shreya got Embraced.

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