The queen of Magic (2019) Movie Part 2

The queen of Magic (2019) Movie Part 2

But still some warms were in her body and they were snaking in her body. Because of it, she was feeling creepy. She starts shelling off her skin. To take out those worms from her body but her condition was getting worse. Now Hanif’s woman while driving the auto taking them to the sanitarium. To know that what is the problem with them? But then commodity strange happed. Because they move to the sanitarium but they again come to the orphanage home. This means their path was turned into a cell. It was repeating again and again. They come upset about this. Then Hanif tells a thing that the caretaker of this orphanage home. She was a bad girl. It’s the incident before 25 times, she oppresses those kiddies. Because she practices black magic and because of it, she offered 3 kiddies. But Hanif and his two musketeers have seen it. Before she holds them, they run from there. Those were the musketeers who were together yet. But one of them was killed on the machine. Might be possible that the caretaker is still behind them, that’s why when they were escaping from there they again reach the orphanage home. It means now their path was changed into a circle. The proprietor of that orphanage home also comes to know it. So he said to those kiddies that we will immure this caretaker in her room. Hanif and his friend did not tell this to anyone ahead. But moment they’ve participated this thing.
That we’ve buried that caretaker after her death on the bottom of that room. On the other side, we see Hanif’s elder son and he masses his lips with a stapler. Meanwhile, we also see Haqi he was playing a videotape on a videotape player. But also he sees someone’s face that was dreadful. He runs to his elder family. His elder family wasn’t in his control. He shoots him with a gun. But it did not harm him. Because rats were shot with that gun. Meanwhile, Hanif and his woman also come there and they were planning to move from then with their kiddies. They could not find their sons. Also Hanif’s woman goes to the room of the proprietor. He was lying on his bed and was sick, she sees under his bed she finds a box. There were some photos in it. Those were of some girls and seeing them it was clear that this sick proprietor was not a good man. He beats the girls. He used to act up with them. The caretaker whom we understanding evil, actually she was so nice. She wanted to save the girls from that proprietor. He does not want to reveal his secret. Why do not I make this story with the kiddies? that this caretaker is bad and held? That is why she was locked in a room so that she’ll be killed there and will be buried there. They suppose that if this proprietor was a bad man also who’s doing all this? because the proprietor is sick. They suspect Rani. Perhaps the proprietor abused her and tries to kill her. That is why she’s taking vengeance on all. Meanwhile, she also comes there. She tells them, no, perhaps that caretaker is doing all this. The caretaker was killed severely. Meanwhile, the girl also comes out whom
they were allowing is dead after collapsing in Hanif’s auto. She tells them that what happed to them? We all were going to the fun and games from the orphanage home. But also a woman in a black dress comes on our machine. When she comes all kiddies were held and they lose their control. This happed because of black magic. She was saying some magical spells but I was spared and was not held in them. Because there were headphones on my cognizance and I did not hear those magical spells. But as I saw those kiddies I run from there. I hide in the fields and also Hanif uncle’s auto hits me. But I’m not dead it’s my luck that I’m still alive.
I’m telling you everything after coming then so that you can figure out it, that what happed actually? Hanif feels bad that the caretaker was not a bad lady. Hre was lamenting on it that why he killed her on that proprietor’s byword. He goes in wrathfulness to press the neck of that proprietor, because he was aggressive with him but his woman stops him to do this. Hanif finds a snap there and there was that girl’s name was written behind the print. The girl who was missing. Now he was understanding, perhaps she’s the girl who’s doing all this. They were about to move from then but Hanif’s son comes there. They were injured. They were going out but a lady in a black dress comes in front of them. She was the same girl who was missing numerous times ahead. That lady starts doing black magic while using that fashion she was about to press Hanif’s neck. She also held Nadya who was about to kill her. Rani comes from before and hits her. Do you know who was Rani? she was the son of the woman wearing a black dress. also while using her magic, she starts giving pain to the people present in the orphanage. Someone suffers from body pain and someone’s fritters were broken. They come to that room where that caretaker was buried. The candles were blowing there, it means there will be some ritual perform. Hanif’s woman asks that lady that why are you doing this?
Okay, we agree that you can give pain to them who killed than lady, but why you killed those small kiddies?
That girl says that it was better and if they will live then they will also be acted out. It’s good that I killed them. Also that lady says to Hanif’s woman that your hubby was also included in all this. That is why if you’ll kill. The possessed people come to their senses. They get ready to move from the orphanage home.But they couldn’t take out that owner from there because it was the time for him to get punishment for his sins. Now we see the scene after some days. Hanif’s wife was going to take her sons from school. But then outside the car, the shadow of that girl is shown whom they killed some days before. When she comes out she didn’t find that girl anywhere. With it, this movie ends here.

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