The Queen of the Black Magic (2019) Movie Part 1

Complete story of The Queen of Black Magic

The Queen of the Black Magic (2019) Movie

As the film starts we see a couple. The joker’s name is Hanif. He was going nearly with his woman and three kiddies. In fact, he was an orphan who was espoused by someone. He spent his nonage in an orphanage home
now its proprietor was sick. They were going to that orphanage home to see him. They were driving the auto meanwhile, they feel that the commodity collapsed with their auto. They get off the auto and see. There was a dead deer at the corner of the road. They feel sad. But they move from there. When they move we’re shown that a girl is at the corner of the road and she was soaked in blood. We can not judge if was she alive or dead.
Soon they reach that orphanage home. Reaching there, Hanif sees his numerous nonage musketeers. They grow up with him in the orphanage home. They also come to know about the proprietor. So they all get happy after meeting each other. Hanif comes to know that except for two kiddies all were espoused. Those two kiddies grow up in this orphanage home. They still live then. These nonage musketeers have grown elder and a girl except them named Rani. She shows Hanif and others the orphanage home with another girl. Rani tells veritably important about her. That she comes to this orphanage when she was of 10 times. Well, she says that I believe that my mama will return to take me. She shows them, all their apartments. During this, Hanif’s son named Haqi was going to a room. Its door was closed numerous times and Rani sees him. She starts telling me about that room. That numerous times before there was a caretaker of this orphanage home she lives in this room. But she said about a girl that she’s visited. And she’s held and she screams at that girl. Soon that girl was lost and none knows about her. That caretaker was gone insane. None can control her. The orphanage operation decided to immure her in her room. She was locked in her room. She cried a lot that someone could bring her out. She starts hitting her head with the door. But before the door is opened she was dead. Till also this door is closed. Haqi gets spooked and he goes to his father Hanif. There Hanif was also talking about this
while showing the picture of the caretaker. That she was frenetic. Well, they all have regale. Now when Hanif goes to his auto he gets astonished after seeing his auto’s front. There was blood and a piece of cloth on his auto’s bonnet. Hanif gets suspicious that it was the deer whom he collapsed or someone different. He goes to that place with his friend. The deer was still there. But his friend sees that there was a girl on the other side of the road. She was still there and she was dead. With it, there was a machine that was an orphanage home’s machine, there were numerous babies were inside that machine, they go inside the machine and see that all the babies were injured. When they see they come to know that their faces were ruined and they were killed poorly. Surely, this was not an accident these kiddies were killed willingly. They were shocked by all this.
They call the police. But there was a network problem, they suppose that they should take that girl to the orphanage with them. Because the police station was at a far distance from then and when they reach the orphanage a man asks them, this time from where you’re coming and he sees the dead body of that girl in their auto. Hanif tells him all the incidents. That I hit that girl with my auto. They all get spooked and the weirdest thing is that I’ve seen a machine there, there were numerous dead kiddies in it, and calls someone incontinently. But there was a network problem so the call could not place. That boy says to Hanif and his companion I’ll go there and see. How did this incident be? He alone moves to that road. Going there, he goes inside the machine and sees that the kiddies weren’t dead. They were standing in the other direction before he goes near them and sees he gets spooked. He tries to get off the machine. But before this, the door of the machine was closed. He remains on the machine. Meanwhile, he feels that there’s someone outside the machine in a black costume. While seeing them the kiddies in the machine started moving. numerous insects were coming out of the commodity in the machine. Those insects go inside the body of that man. It’s a veritably creepy scene. That man dies because of those insects. On the other side, we see a girl there was a cutter and apple in her hand. She was seeing herself in the glass. She feels that she’s fat while seeing at the glass. She starts cutting her body while seeing at the glass. It seems like this girl is also held. None can harm their own body like this. On another side, we see one further girl who was sleeping on her bed. But some worms fell on her. Those worms go inside her body. She feels pain. Meanwhile, the hubby of that girl arrives.
The girl was cutting herself after seeing the glass. He gets spooked after seeing her. But when that girl comes to her senses. she sees her condition and gets spooked. She faints again. Seeing this condition of his woman he incontinently calls Hanif and his woman. Meanwhile, that girl whose body was filled with worms also arrives there. She vomits blood and numerous worms come out of her body. But still, some worms were in her body.

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