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The Singapore Flyer | History , Facts & Architect



History of Singapore Flyer.

  • The Singapore Flyer is the only option if you’re seeking for a distinctive way to experience Singapore. With a height of 165 meters, this enormous Ferris wheel provides breathtaking views of the metropolitan skyline.

Creation of the Concept.

  • The Singapore Tourist Board first put out the concept for the Singapore Flyer in 2000. They imagined a massive Ferris wheel that would provide visitors with a singular vantage point of the metropolitan skyline.

planning and development in the beginning.

  • To design and construct the enormous Ferris wheel, they hired professionals from all around the world

Beginning of construction.

  • The Singapore Flyer’s construction started in 2005.

Reversals and Delays.

  • The Singapore Flyer’s development encountered numerous obstacles and delays.

Opening and Welcome.

  • 2008 saw the public’s final access to the Singapore Flyer. Positive feedback resulted from the large number of visitors who flocked to the attraction to view the city from above. One of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, the Singapore Flyer, rose to prominence swiftly.

Financial Difficulties.

  •  The attraction struggled to receive enough visitors to make enough money to meet operational expenses.

Purchase and Renovation.

  • They started enhancing and refurbishing the attraction right away.

                     Introduction to The Singapore Flyer: Taking You to New Heights

The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer

  • Ever wanted to get a new viewpoint on Singapore? The Singapore Flyer is the ideal attraction for you if you’re seeking for an exhilarating experience that will provide you a panoramic perspective of the city.

The Singapore Flyer’s appearance and features

  • The Singapore Flyer has a 150-meter diameter and a height of 165 meters. Each of its 28 air-conditioned capsules may hold up to 28 passengers.

Facts of The Singapore Flyer.

  • Height: The Singapore Flyer, one of the world’s tallest observation wheels, is 165 meters (541 feet) tall.
  • The Flyer has a maximum capacity of 28 cooled capsules, each with room for up to 28 passengers.
  • Views: Travelers on the can enjoy panoramic views of the skyline, Marina Bay, and beyond from a distance of up to 45 kilometers (28 miles) out on a clear day.
  • Award-winning design and engineering include the Guinness World Record for the tallest observation wheel in the world from 2008 to 2014.

A marvel of engineering and design is The Singapore Flyer Architect.

  • Singapore is a thriving city-state that is home to some of the most recognizable structures on the planet. The, a massive Ferris wheel that dominates the skyline of the city, is one of them. a masterpiece of contemporary architecture created by a team of architects under the direction of Dr. Kisho Kurokawa, has come to represent the development and creativity of the city.
  • The  Flyer is the largest enormous observation wheel in Asia, measuring 165m, or 42 stories high. Each of its 28 completely air-conditioned capsules has room for up to 28 passengers. The Flyer provides visitors a 45-kilometer panoramic view, spanning from Singapore’s Marina Bay beachfront to Malaysia and Indonesia on clear days. Approximately 30 minutes pass throughout a whole “flight.”
  • The Arup design team optimized the Singapore Flyer’s design using the knowledge they obtained from working on the London Eye. In order to simultaneously prevent radial translational buckling in the plane of the wheel and torsional buckling in the axis of the rim, the team created a special spoke cable and rim structural arrangement.


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