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Times Square |History, Facts, Architecture



History of times square spectaculars

  • The early location of William However, the area started to alter quickly. Electricity created a safer and friendlier atmosphere in the public realm through the use of ads and street lights. Similar to how the Rapid Transit Company  New York’s first rapid transit system, afforded city residents unheard-of mobility.
  • Byron Corporation Street Scenes along 42nd Street and Broadway, 1898. City of New York Museum 41.50.865
  • Byron Corporation Broadway and 42nd Street, Square (now Times Square), 1900. The City of New York Museum.
  • Adolph S. who ran The New York Times as its owner and publisher from 1896 to 1935, saw a chance and chose a prominent site to erect the Times Tower, which at the time was the second-tallest structure in the city. The Times ultimately moved into their new headquarters in January 1905.  The previous April, Mayor George B. McClellan approved a resolution to change the name of Long Acre Square, which is where Broadway and Seventh Avenue meet, to Times Square.
  •  He nevertheless expressed his pride in the new structure, stating that it was “the first successful attempt in New York to impart architectural elegance to a skyscraper.” The Times outgrew their facility within ten years and relocated, but not before establishing a custom that lives on to this day: the New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Crowds still assemble to ring in the new year after Ohms organist the inaugural celebration to the new structure.
  • Van Carl (1880-1964). Father Duffy statue in Times Square, May 15, 1937. The City of New York Museum. X2010.8.566 The Van Trust has granted permission for usage of the image.

Most Incredible facts

  1. In 1995, Lehman Brothers acquired the structure and transformed it into the enormous billboard it is today. Despite the fact that the majority of the floors are empty, vandalized, and dilapidated, the billboards bring in more than $23 million annually.
  2.  It is not at all a square, despite the name. Anyone who has been there is aware that Broadway crosses the grid diagonally, forming a triangle.
  3.  Crime and drug usage were widespread. This was the New York of “Taxi Driver,” when the neighborhood was one of the most hazardous in the city, and both visitors and residents avoided it.
  4. There is a constant sound installation coming from a subway grate, but it’s hardly audible. Pay particular attention while you listen in the triangle formed by Broadway, 45th, and 46th Streets. A rich layering of sounds by artist Max Bauhaus plays continuously, 24 hours a day. The Di Foundation, the organization behind Di Beacon and a number of other odd art pieces across the city, looks after the installation.
  5. Although there have been many ups and downs for the treatises since the early 1900s, Times Square has remained the hub of New York City’s Theater District. However, there are still some locations where you can see the ruins of such magnificent threats, such as the former Loews Mayfair Theater, which is now a gift shop on 47th Street and 7th Avenue.
  6. Nobody genuinely knows who the folks in the famous photo of a soldier kissing a nurse in Times Square at the end of World War II.  The identities of the subjects are still a mystery.

                       Architectural recess crossword clue of times square

Times Square |History, Facts, Architecture

  • We would take aliens to the eternally legendary Times Square if they begged to visit one location to witness humanity at its worst. With glaring billboards and lights, soaring towers, and crowded streets, there is rarely a dull day on the streets. At the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, Times Square serves as a major commercial, tourist, and entertainment destination.
  • Times Square, sometimes referred to as “the Crossroads of the World,” sees 3,30,000 people pass through it every day on average. Tourists may keep themselves entertained with a wide variety of events, performances, and shopping thanks to the city’s annual over 50 million visitors.

The Title

The mayor renamed Long acre Square to Times Square on April 8, 1904, after The New York Times publication tower moved into its location at 42nd Street. On the corner of Broadway and 46th Street, the first billboard emerged. Since then, the Square has continued to develop without interruption.

A Culture

Since its foundation, Times Square has developed into a center of culture. The New Year’s Eve ball drop is one of the great cultural occasions that takes place each year. Even though the Times publishing has since relocated, thousands of people still visit the square each year as the crystal ball slowly descends. Broadway theatres and other notable corporations have placed advertisements in Times Square.

The Problems

  • Times Square faces particular difficulties as a result of the volume of tourists it receives every year. Broadway Street’s slant across Manhattan’s and New York’s grid creates asymmetrical intersections with several legs. This results in acute-angled crossroads with varied walkways that force pedestrians to use the roads.
  • This, along with the massive number of tourists on the city’s streets, causes 137% more pedestrian accidents than in other parts of the city. The problem of traffic congestion brought on by small roadways is likewise very serious.

                                          Where to Park Near Times Square

Times Square |History, Facts, Architecture


  • Manhattan’s Times Square is a well-known neighborhood. Every year, millions of tourists go to this popular tourist destination to shop, sightsee, and enjoy the activities along the strip. Times Square is famous for its legendary New Year’s Eve extravaganza, which is a second factor in its notoriety.
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