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Top Secret Websites and Strategies to Make Money Online in 2023.



2023 is upon us and here are the Top Secret Websites and Strategies to Make Money Online in 2023.

Online moneymaking has become an increasingly popular pastime. The internet offers individuals various channels for earning income online . freelance work and affiliate marketing are two popular approaches, while many explore every opportunity available for earning cash online. People are pursuing every possible means available to them for earning income this way.

We examine some lesser known sites which could enable individuals to generate additional income online either directly or indirectly.

Here Are  Secret Websites to Make Money Online in 2023.

Moving forward into 2023 and beyond. online moneymaking will become increasingly common as an effective means of supplementing income or starting businesses. Unfortunately, finding legitimate sites offering these services may prove challenging. Here is our list of secret websites where one can earn extra cash online!

1. – Convert Text To Audio is an invaluable tool for content creators. By turning text into audio files, Speechify gives content producers another tool for podcasting .YouTube channels or any other audio source. Books, articles and documents can easily be converted to audio using Speechify. Simply register for a free account, copy/paste their text into Speechifies system. Send its link along and sit back, everything will be taken care of!

2.Homestyler – Earn Money through 3D Designs is another service on our list that allows users to easily create 3D designs of products and homes for free, similar to what professional 3D designers would provide them. Anyone can do it themselves; creating an account grants unlimited 1K rendering. 2K video rendering and Home Styler points per render! Plus if you search “3D design” into Fiverr you will find hundreds of providers offering services such as 3D printing designs as well as technical engineering drawings!

3.Start Selling Articles Now on provides another great platform for writers and publishers looking to reach more readers with their articles. According to Similar Web reports. Medium receives approximately 142 million visits every month with 22% readers actively reading them monthly. Medium is a platform that enables authors and publishers to generate income by writing and publishing stories;

readers also earn through time spent reading or referral fees, with commission payments or referral fees sent directly into their bank accounts each month. Apply, get accepted, and publish stories – as soon as they start generating revenue, money will begin flowing in! Publish stories while simultaneously earning reading time or referral fees earnings; payments will occur each month until payment time again comes around!


Gigwalk is an online platform that rewards users who complete small tasks around their local area – like taking photographs of businesses or testing apps – by giving them extra cash! Each task completed earns them money – providing extra sources of extra income!


Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to exercise, by tracking your steps and rewarding you with Sweatcoins redeemable for products, services or cash incentives; making physical activity both motivating and profitable! With Sweatcoin users can stay physically active while earning extra income through its incentive scheme – providing added motivation while earning extra income!

6.Respondent Respondent

is an online platform that rewards its users for sharing their knowledge and expertise. While other sites only pay pennies per task completed, Respondent offers up to $100-750 an hour as compensation for participating in studies. Joining Respondent is simple – simply sign up using your work email, create your skillset profile, and select studies you would like to be part of!

Product Tube is an immersive video survey app that rewards its users for creating short reviews using Augmented Reality technology to explore product concepts offered by Product Tube; each hour spent creating reviews could bring home anywhere between $50-$80 in rewards!

7.Swagbucks Rewards for Surveys and More

Swag bucks is an online platform that empowers its members to earn money through simple tasks. It like watching videos, taking surveys and playing games. Once members earn Swag bucks they can redeem them for cash or gift cards over $500 Million worth has already been distributed since its inception!

9.Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is an online platform that enables individuals to earn extra income with surveys, emails and games by earning cash or gift cards as compensation. Participation provides additional streams of extra income streams.

Rumble offers creators an alternative video platform similar to YouTube, with various ways for creators to monetize their content – including partnerships between MTV, Xbox and Yahoo that provide an extra $100 payment if their video appears on Rumble’s homepage! As of October 2018, Rumble boasted 44 Million monthly users worldwide!

Fundraise enables investors who lack upfront capital an easy and cost-effective solution for investing in townhouse complexes for as little as $500 initial investment capital, crowdsourcing their investments through Fundrise, and realizing returns by way of crowdsourced returns.


allows users to create and sell customized merchandise. From T-shirts and mugs to other designs, create something unique and watch as customers purchase your creations! CafePress’ user-friendly platform also makes the earnings of designers even greater when customers buy your designs!

mes Etsy offers an online marketplace where sellers can sell handmade or vintage items that qualify as handmade. Crafters looking for extra income could find Etsy an invaluable opportunity.

allows creative individuals a platform for selling photos, videos and music online and earning money through them. If your talents can be showcased and capitalized through this method then Shutterstock could be just the place for them!


Rover is an established online platform connecting pet owners with pet sitters and dog walkers. If you are an available sitter/walker on Rover, creating your profile and setting your own prices for services such as pet sitting/walking is easy and pet owners can search/book in their area using Rover itself. Plus, Rover provides tools/resources that assist sitters/walkers manage their business – scheduling payments & customer support help make Rover an invaluable resource!


2023 offers numerous legitimate websites and strategies for making money online legally. Individuals have several avenues available to them for this endeavor ranging from freelancing platforms and e-commerce websites to affiliate marketing and content creation; each can require dedication, skill development, and consistent effort to be successful; it’s key that individuals approach these opportunities with realistic expectations, willingness to learn, and cautious attitudes so as to avoid scams that could emerge online. As technology changes constantly it can contribute to more successful money making ventures online.

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