Unknown facts about Allama Iqbal’s Life

Secret of Allama Iqbal's Life

Unknown facts about Allama Iqbal’s Life

Allama Iqbal is one of the most prominent personalities, Which this region has produced in the last one hundred or two hundred years. It is the name that shines before us again and again.  His mother was a memorizer (Hafiz) of the Quran and she was a social worker. Social Worker Nowadays, As soon as the name comes to our mind, we think that you will have an NGO. You may be getting funds from abroad and you must be doing some secret work. A social worker is not that. A social worker is one who takes care of his neighbor’s Children and elders. The person who thinks about their needs and helps them as much as he can afford. This is what God wants you to do and that makes you a dynamic person. When that thought comes to you, then you will have the best upbringing for your children. All this was inside the mind of Allama Iqbal’s mother. She transferred these to Iqbal. A small incident to which I connect you
That was the incident. Some people think that this event is probably not authentic. Some People, on the other hand, think it’s totally authentic. Once Iqbal’s father had a very small business selling hats. He didn’t have much money
Then he quit and started working somewhere else. His mother probably thought, that where the money comes from is probably an interest-based business. She was very sensitive about it and cannot allow even a small drop of Haram to be fed to her next generation. So What She did was that She sold all the small ornaments she had and bought a goat from it. She started feeding this goat’s milk to Iqbal My God! Such a sensitivity for all these little things Minds you these are not small things these are very big things. When you raise your children with this much sensitivity. Only then can you create great personalities. At that time, of course, education was given in madrassas. So he took him there. There he met Maulvi Mir Hassan, Who was Iqbal’s teacher. Now, this is the teacher, This is the mentor a person who could see through things. People who have a vision for things dynamically and honestly guide children. He found out in two or three questions that Iqbal is an intelligent boy. He can become a big name if he had the capacity. So he requested his father should Provide him with worldly education along with religious teachings.
So that It becomes a combination for his heart and mind. He should go there and it can make a name not only for Muslims but for the world. The one who laid down the right foundation was the scholar Mir Hassan. After that, his father belonged to a very religious family. So Iqbal used to recite the Holy Quran in the morning. His father passed by looking at him. One day, he saw Iqbal reading Quran He said, “Iqbal I want to talk to you.” One day and then two days passed. Still, the father is not talking Iqbal was like you know, why He isn’t talking? So on the third day, when he passed. He stopped him and spoke, “Please tell me what do you want to talk about.” So He replied, “I just wanted to talk to you.” Now just stick to it this is very important. He said, “I have to tell you that what you are reciting from the Quran”. You should read and understand in a manner that Allah Almighty is directly speaking to you. The Quran has come to make every individual the best. Now Iqbal says that this one sentence has changed his whole life, His view about Quran and life was completely changed. After that, how the meanings of the Quran opened before him were unique. He has been a teacher of Arabic up to graduation level Other than that, Dr. Israr Sahib a great Islamic name of today Commented about Iqbal  “My whole life has been spent on the Quran, Islam, and its research,” he said
I am sitting on this Pulpit and saying this today.No one has understood the Quran better in a long time than Iqbal.
This is so big, this is huge For us to understand where Iqbal’s poetry. Iqbal’s ideas come from? Why did he deeply attached to the nation? So this was the background Life goes on. He then obviously did the research. He had a researcher’s mind, He had a passion. Many people claim that they are self-taught. There is no such thing as self-taught. It’s your father, your mother, your teachers, your friends, your society. They induct little things in you
It builds your talent. Then you do whatever you are doing today. So learn to respect others’ contributions in your life.
Then for formal education, when he came here to Government College To study Philosophy. Simultaneously his personal research was going on in economics, history, religion, and what is going around us. He had an eye on all this. He was very passionate and his name was becoming more and more popular through his poetry. Here he met professor Arnold who teaches philosophy. He gave such a direction to Iqbal’s life. That his worldview And his horizon got very big. Iqbal’s relationship with him was that when Professor Arnold completed his job here and went back to England Iqbal said, “I m missing him so much“. Because of the discussions he had with him the things that he learned from him. Were missing here so he followed him and went to England. Here Remember that when you are in search of knowledge, Allah Almighty makes a path for you. So this was the way when he goes there Because of that, he went to Cambridge. Then he did his higher studies there and became a barrister. After that, his vision opened, and He became very famous. His poetry in the subcontinent, his writings So even the British also thought that this has to be recognized. Governor Punjab called him and told him that we want to honor you with “Sir
but Iqbal forbade to take it and said Unless you recognize my teacher Maulvi Mir Hassan, I can’t accept it,”. Governor said, “Okay, tell me about his publications and the work produced by him. He said that “I am his biggest publications, his art.” I stand here today because of him. That’s what I told you previously about your teachers your parents, all those who helped you Respect those who made you. This respect for others brings the blessings of Allah Almighty, And that makes you a great human being. The British acknowledged him and  Maulvi Hassan Sahib was given the title of Shams-ul-Ulema. Which is a great medal so here there’s another thing that he did not have a dream while sitting it didn’t happen that way as he went to sleep and got up and gave the idea of Pakistan. The creation of Pakistan includes the struggle of that shepherd, of that little farmer, Sir Syed, writers common people, women, and social workers also. Iqbal was that mind who brought together all those scattered ideas like beads of a rosary. All the ideas were scattered and a great mind like Iqbal took them and chanted in a rosary. That’s where the idea came from. Otherwise, it was going on. It involves everyone’s contribution Iqbal understood it very well and he gives credit to everyone.

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