Why Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Broken Up

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield 

Emma Stone is a famous Hollywood Actress. Ever since Zendaya and Tom Holland’s adorable kissing, everyone is looking back at the “Spider-Man. Relationships”, and oh boy, this actually is a thing. Even though they were one of those couples that never IN FOUR YEARS confirmed their love. Fans were delighted when Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield turned their on-screen romance into a real-life one. Unfortunately, that’s precisely why our collective hearts broke when they broke up. It happened during Emma’s audition for Gwen Stacy in the superhero reboot. Garfield had already been cast as Peter Parker, a dream come true for the young actor. He’s been a massive fan of the comics ever since he was a kid. In the auditions for Gwen, Garfield recounted how he had spent the whole day doing readings with the various actors, but it never clicked. He was about to be done with it when Stone walked in. They would just mess around and have a real good time together. While the attraction between young actors was immediate, there was a bit of a twist they were both involved with other people. Stone was dating actor Kieran Culkin.
The notorious bed-wetter from Home Alone and younger brother of Macaulay Culkin. And Garfield was in a three-year relationship with actor Shannon Woodward, most recently known for HBO’s Westworld. A month after Emma and Kieran broke up, Andrew and Shannon followed in their footsteps. That has got to be coincidental. The rumors flew FAST and FURIOUS that the co-stars started secretly dating, with neither one confirming anything. At the 2011 Comic-Con, promoting the movie, the two were extremely charismatic and friendly but stayed mum on the romance. Honestly, some of the best moments between Emma and Andrew were on their press tours together. Toward the end of 2012, it was clear the two were a couple, generally being THE cutest. When they were snapped KISSING and holding hands. But then, a year later, the two kept a lower profile because they were busy shooting Amazing. Spider-Man 2, also starred Jamie Foxx as the villain Electro. Once the film was nearing release, Foxx, Garfield, and Stone did most of the press together. Foxx tried a few times to get the two of them to admit they were in love. For example, when the trio was on Andrew The Ellen Show, the host, also a sly one when it comes to getting her guests to admit dating rumors, asked if Andrew and Emma’s chemistry was just natural or did they have to “practice kissing”. I’m not trying to get into nothing, I’m just saying,” Jamie said with a big smile on his face. Then when DeGeneres wouldn’t drop it, Foxx interjected, “I say it’s great acting. Later on, Foxx flat out asked them if their “personal connection” helped with the acting. “It sure does, thanks for asking,” Emma patiently responded, patting him on the shoulder. Sticking with the privacy thing, the cute couple also had a very unique way of interacting. The first time they did, it was after having dinner in the city. They walked out with stone and Garfield did have many things in common charities, a great sense of humor, and her love of animals, especially their favorite dog, Ren.
The two fell in love with the 2-year-old female purebred golden retriever just before Christmas back in 2012. “They left, and they couldn’t stop thinking about her, so they came back for her. And it’s TRUE LOVE.” The couple was initially going to take the dog in as a foster pet but officially adopted her on Christmas Eve. Talking about that sense of humor, we cannot fail but mention the moment Andrew hosted Saturday Night Live and Emma appeared in a sketch where the two were struggling to film a romantic kiss. It is equal parts gross and hilarious. We mean, when Coldplay’s Chris Martin stepped in, whoa, he’s clearly a better fit for Gwen.The actor spent his 29th birthday getting high at Disneyland with Emma and his friends. Fans loved the pairing, with the two often earning the “cutest couple” title in the media. However, Stone was often tightlipped about their relationship, wanting to protect their bond
from the spotlight. The sad news broke in April 2015: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone called it quits. There were clues of something amiss when he did not attend the Oscars with Stone, despite her being nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Though, he was filming Scorsese’s Silence at the time, so we can’t know for sure what has happened and when exactly. Some sources cited they had conflicting schedules and could not spend as much time together as they wanted, which added stress to the relationship. Us Weekly claimed Garfield “had been in a dark place for months before the two eventually split.” Other reports suggested that while Andrew Garfield wanted to move on to start a family and have kids, Stone was not there at that moment. Whether it was busy schedules, different life goals, dark emotional periods, or one or more of the above, the couple called it quits and broke all our hearts.

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